Patrizia Pepe, established by Patrizia Bambi, stands as a distinguished Italian fashion label cherished for its unique fusion of sophistication and contemporary charm. Since its establishment, the brand has carved a niche in the fashion industry with its iconic and innovative designs. In this conversation we explore the beginnings of the brand, its connection to nightlife, the latest collaboration with Cirque Le Soir, and Patrizia Pepe’s FW24 collection.


Let’s go back to the beginning, how did this passion develop and you decided to start your own fashion brand?

Patrizia Pepe is a story of passion, determination, and entrepreneurship. Claudio Orrea (my husband and Brand President) and I founded Patrizia Pepe in 1993, following our aspiration and desire to take on a creative challenge. From the beginning, we had the aim of creating a clothing brand that reflected our style and character, to accompany women in their daily lives and in special moments with looks that could emphasize their charisma and natural sensuality.

Can you describe Patrizia Pepe in 3 words?

Contemporary, irreverent, sensual, and glam.

What made you realize you wanted to make partying a big part of the brand’s DNA?

In recent seasons, we have met the clubbing scene through collaborations with renowned clubs, firstly in Berlin and then in London, thus taking the concept of the “night party” one step further, transforming it into a special occasion to celebrate music and offering our community unique, exciting and engaging experiences. Our desire is to experience music and art in every possible form, with a curious and inclusive outlook, welcoming diversity, embracing the unexpected, and allowing people to freely express themselves through their bodies, talent, energy, and uniqueness, overcoming conventions and prejudices.

In your opinion, what elements are essential for a good party?

Great music, great people, great outfits, great vibes!

Going back to the last event in Milan, what does the message “IF YOU DON’T KNOW, DON’T WORRY” mean to you?

We have fully embraced this claim of Cirque le Soir, interpreting it as an invitation to share and exchange, without fear or limitations, with eyes always open, new and with a hint of madness, even when we observe what we don’t expect.

How did the idea come about and what was the process like of collaborating with Cirque Le Soir?

In the previous editions, we explored the Berlin scene, while Cirque Le Soir is London’s leading nightlife club. The project is founded on the values of creativity, freedom, and inclusiveness that inspire the brand and its passion for all things unexpected and extraordinary.

Can you highlight key elements of the Fall/Winter 24-25 collection and its connection to the brand’s style codes?

There is continuous contamination, from day to evening, weaving the masculine and the feminine into fluid and free vision. Silhouettes and colors are bold and intense. Masculine cuts meet jeweled textures hand-embroidered with beads and bezels. Personality, awareness, and natural sensuality mixed with a glamorous touch are key elements. This collection is certainly strong in contamination and versatility, with harmonious contrasts pervaded by hints of glamour.

How does your design process usually look like?

When it comes to my creative process, the most important thing is my great passion for my work. When there is passion, inspiration comes from any experience: walking through the streets of cities, traveling, listening to music, and observing. Through my experiences, I let myself be contaminated while I am trying to remain faithful to my identity.

And lastly, are there any new exciting projects you have been working on that you can share with us?

We will continue to work creatively on collections and events to highlight our irreverent and contemporary DNA.