Taras Romanov, the winner of the VMan contest is a New York based supermodel and actor very present into the current fashion world. Having a background in film and passion for music, Taras keeps surprising with the impacts of his looks. He is dreaming about making the fashion industry a better place by putting creatives together in a fruitful and enhancing way.

You mentioned in a previous interview that you would like to contribute to the rebuilding and rehabilitation phase of Ukraine after the war. Also, you teamed up with ERROR NYC to raise awareness and financial contributions. Do you think fashion brands will push even further the process of helping Ukraine to recover? 

Absolutely. I do believe currently that is the focus for some key brands and benefactors. They are continuously contributing with this focus in mind, and I’m sure more will follow throughout this pivotal process. It is the most important phase concerning the future of Ukraine. Personally it will continue to be an active pursuit for me as well, as I find new avenues and opportunities to achieve the goal of rebuilding the country. 

How does it feel to closely witness in your modelling career both the pandemic and the war? Would you imagine your modelling career differently or you consider that they enabled you to have a voice in a sometimes neutral industry like fashion? 

It’s a very strange time to live through. Both things to which I have never experienced before in my lifetime. I don’t really try to imagine anything different truthfully. To witness the war in Ukraine was a horrible thing , but of course it enabled me to have a voice in fashion during these times. 

What did winning the V Model Contest mean for you? Did it facilitated your desire to be more vocal about the war in Ukraine? Also, what do you prizes mean nowadays?

It’s a great memory and remains a part of history. 

To win the VMan model contest felt like an incredible achievement for myself. During such an uncertain time like Covid, to make this happen and work with Steven Klein was a dream come true. My desire to be vocal about the war has always been a natural one, I don’t think the contest had any effect on that. 

Sources mention that moving to NYC enhanced your creative sensibilities, your hidden passion for music, and the early inspirations that sparked a love for film. What are your future plans regarding acting? 

Totally. New York City is a mecca for creativity. Some of the worlds best artists are here and my life in the city has definitely inspired all of these artistic passions of mine. After shortly living in LA, I was fortunate to have moved here with a focus of studying the craft of acting with the best of the best. 

In my time here, I’ve developed and learned a lot. Now I’d say I’m focused on booking my first major role in a film that challenges myself as an Actor. 

Seeing how the situation that we are living in has produced more instability than ever in fashion, what makes you to still feel safe and motivated? 

I’ve always believed that positivity and gratitude attract more good things in your life. Despite the chaos we have all been through, I stay motivated to be the best version of myself because I am grateful for the journey I’ve been on. I’m grateful for the path and so I won’t take it for granted. 

Do you still dream about a ballanced and fruitful fashion industry? If so, which are the steps that you are planning to take to fight for justice for fashion and the world? 

My dream is that the fashion industry can be a place for brands, designers & artists to showcase themselves in the the most beautiful way possible. But also a platform to bring the world together and raise awareness in making it a better place.

interview by ELENA LUPOIU

photography MARCUS COOPER