Numéro Netherlands Digital introduces Tania Sarin: an accomplished entrepreneur, lifestyle influencer, and esteemed fashion insider. Renowned for her exquisite taste and flair in high-end style and interior design, Tania has become a prominent figure in the realms of fashion, beauty, and home decor. With a journey that started in retail and evolved into a mission to empower others through fashion, she captivates nearly one million followers with her curated content, providing endless inspiration for refined living. Discover our conversation with Tania Sarin. 
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Tania, your journey in the fashion world is truly inspiring, starting from retail and evolving into a tastemaker with almost one million followers. What key lessons have you learned along the way that you feel are crucial for aspiring fashion creatives and entrepreneurs?

I’ve learned to look inward early on and discover my personal style instead of just following trends. Trends come and go, but knowing what you genuinely like gives you constant direction and confidence. Patience has also been a big lesson for me. Building relationships and a community takes time. Networking, especially at the start of your career, can be incredibly helpful. Connecting with people, having conversations—it’s how I started out and met many friends and colleagues. And always remember to be kind to everyone you meet!

Your content is known for its aspirational yet accessible style. How do you strike a balance between showcasing high-end fashion and making it relatable to your audience?

I find a balance by mixing high-end pieces with affordable, contemporary brands. At the end of the day, you don’t need to wear designer pieces from head-to-toe to be stylish. Instead, focus on wearing things that make you look and feel good.

Your collaborations with prestigious brands like Versace, DIOR, and Valentino are highly sought after. Can you share a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how these collaborations come about and how you maintain authenticity in your partnerships?

Many of my partnerships start organically with brands that I already buy from on my own. It begins with me sharing something that I love with my followers and then connecting with the brand to build a relationship and work together.

Interior design seems to be another passion of yours, with your home transformations featured in Architectural Digest. What inspires your unique design aesthetic, and how do you approach each project to ensure it reflects your personality?

My interior design aesthetic is influenced by my travels and the beautiful hotels I’ve stayed at around the world. I’m also inspired by fashion and keep many of the same things in mind whether I’m getting dressed or working on an interior design project. Interior designers like Kelly Wearstler have inspired me with their use of texture and color. It’s so important to work with people who you like collaborating with. I worked with Alana Marie Interiors to design our new home and Alana immediately understood my vision and vibe for the space, so we were able to work together to create our dream home.

As someone who seamlessly integrates fashion and interior design, how do you perceive the intersection of these two realms, and do you find inspiration in one that influences the other?

Absolutely, there’s a remarkable synergy between my fashion choices and interior design preferences, particularly concerning color. If you peruse my Instagram or TikTok, you’ll notice a harmonious alignment between my wardrobe and our home decor. When you possess a distinct personal style, you can make aesthetic decisions that are coherent and genuinely reflective of your identity.

Your involvement in the Armenian Support Fund during the COVID-19 pandemic underscores your dedication to uplifting underrepresented communities. How do you leverage your platform to amplify significant causes, and what motivates your philanthropic endeavors?

I’ve always been vocal about championing underrepresented communities and celebrating my own cultural heritage. My philanthropic values were instilled in me by my parents and my fiancée, who introduced me to impactful organizations like Baby2Baby. Additionally, I take pride in incorporating elements of my culture into my content, such as sharing moments of making Armenian coffee at home.

With your expertise in personal styling, you’ve empowered numerous women to embrace confidence through fashion. What guidance do you offer to individuals seeking to refine their personal style and cultivate greater confidence in their appearance?

You don’t have to conform to trends. Wear what makes you feel your best, and if you’re ever unsure, consider the three-color rule for outfit coordination. Enjoy experimenting with styling, and don’t shy away from incorporating vibrant hues! Remember, contrary to popular belief, your shoes don’t always have to match your bag.

Hosting lavish dinner parties and events seems to be a signature of yours. What are your secrets for setting the perfect atmosphere and making guests feel welcome and at home?

Growing up in an Armenian family, I learned how to host from my parents. They taught me how to be hospitable and make guests feel like they’re family from the moment they arrive. You should have a drink ready for your guest as soon as they walk in the door. Flowers can transform a space and having beautiful, sculptural flower arrangements can make everything feel more vibrant and sexy.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of your brand and platform? Are there any new projects or collaborations on the horizon that you’re particularly excited about?

I’m busy planning our upcoming wedding and working on interior design projects around our home while I continue to work with brands I love in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle space!

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