Sylvie Kreusch is a Belgian popular musician and song-writter. She released her album Montbray album last year. Throughout her music, Kreusch expresses her personal experience, not only through writing but as well in performing. She is involved in the fashion industry as well, by creating soundtracks for music videos of high-fashion brands.

Firstly, let’s go back to the beginning, how did your music journey begin?

I’ve always had the need to express myself. I was a very shy and scared kid.. always scared to get lost, always avoiding conflicts, always in my own head.. But once I got to get up on a stage and perform I felt fearless, so I grew up performing in front of the mirror or my family… When I was 7 years old my music teacher found out I had a cute voice, that was the first time I got to sing solo in front of an audience and that is when my music journey started. 

Since then, how has your artistry developed? How has your style changed to culminate in what it is now?

I never really think about a music style. I listen to a lot of different stuff but, when I start writing and go in the studio I always pick out warm sounds, real instruments, real drums and percussion, so my taste never really changed..  But when I started writing the album.. finding a good melody was the most important start. It’s easy to come up with beautiful melodies, but to create a melody that is so authentic and personal is the hardest part! When it sounds so familiar but you’ve never heard it before… same with lyrics .. you can use so many difficult words but I need to hear something pure and honest; once you’ve been able to put those two elements together I’m sure you have a timeless song that will touch a lot of people for a long time.

Who are your musical influences?

David bowie, Nina simone, Kate bush, John Martyn, Jessica pratt, Aldous harding and Lou reed.

You seem to have an affinity with fashion, even working on the soundtracks for brands like Prada and Victoria’s Secret. Can you tell us a little bit about the relationship between music and fashion and what the intersection of the two arts means for you?

I don’t really follow trends but fashion inspires me in a diffrent way, I would be hard for me to put on a strong performance in jeans. I need to dress up to get into character. I’m a visual songwriter, when I’m writing I’m already making moodboards, that makes the whole writing process so much more exciting

Last year you released your new album Montbray, what was your inspiration behind it?

Heartbreak, Friendship, Healing, Dogs, Nature, Loss and Longing .. every word you hear is very personal. 

What do the songs represent to you and what was the creative process like for the overall project?

Working on this album felt like a very selfish process, I’ve never really thought about what the audience would expect. I really enjoyed making this album because of the lockdown I had a lot of time to just focus on the writing. I went to Montbray and stayed there for months, that place became very important, the whole sound and mood would’ve been so different If I stayed in Antwerp.

This year you will be touring around Europe this year. How does it feel to be back performing to a crowd again after the pandemic?

I feel very happy to be on stage again. Also a bit frightening because suddenly I’m performing in front of a much bigger audience he fact that they all bought a ticket with my name on it … Its weird and I can’t get used to it, but I’m grateful!

What advice would you give to young artists who are starting out in the music industry?

Stay honest and be patient. There’s enough time…

What are your future plans? What can we expect from Sylvie Kreusch in the upcoming year?

Loads of gigs and festivals! Meanwhile I’m trying to find balance and inspiration.

Our next issue is about balance, so to close up… How do you achieve balance in your daily life?

I’m still trying to find out. I’m very chaotic but taking care of my dog gives me a lot of balance. I need to organize my days around something or someone else then myself. I dance almost everyday like a kid in my room with my eyes closed dreaming about the future, it gives me hope and energy, I feel grounded and it’s the perfect way to start my day.

Interview by Mariana Malheiro and Anano Shalamberidze

Sylvie’s will be performing at the festivals Little Waves Punkel Pop in Belgium (May 7th), Pinkpop in the Netherlands (June 17th), Applethree Garden in Belgium in Germany (August 6th), more on her tour dates, check