Interview by Jana Letonja

American-born Korean actor Sung Kang is most recognizable for his recurring role in Universal Pictures’multi-billion dollar ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise. Sung reprised his role of Han Lue in ‘Fast X’, the highly-anticipated tenth installment of the franchise, which released this May.


Sung, you just reprised your role as Han Lue in the tenth installment of ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise, ‘Fast X’. What do you love the most about this franchise?

I love that sometimes we have these magical experiences in life where in fact art does imitate life. I sound like a broken record, but I can proudly say that through the franchise I’ve met so many wonderful people who I can call my family. It’s been a pretty rewarding life experience. Of course the cars as a ‘car guy’ are a dream come true too, to be able to play and learn with so many cars. Bucket list stuff right there. 

How does it feel portraying such a likeable character for so many years already?

People all over the world feel a connection to Han. He’s like an old friend. It’s a great sense of accomplishment and contribution as an artist to create something positive out of words in a script and into a performance. Pretty magical Hollywood stuff for sure. 

What was your favorite scene from this latest installment, ‘Fast X’?

My favorite scene in ‘Fast X’ is when Dom and Han are talking about life and cars. It’s these quieter moments in the film that are more about the life issues that ground the story and characters to make it more relatable outside of just the cars and the action. 

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The franchise has dealt with some hard moments during the years, like any family. How do you lean on each other for support?

We lean on each other the same way any other family would. We each have our own ways of dealing with things, but consequently it brings us all closer together and forever connected. It seems sometimes going through hardships together makes the fictional character relationships a truth by default. So all of us in the crew, the cast and the fans are forever bonded because of a shared loss. 

Action films demand a lot of stunt scenes. How do you usually prepare for them?

These days I prepare for the stunt scenes slowly and with much hesitation, but I’m still healthy. I get to play pretend for a few more years when it comes to doing them. 

With the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise you got to film in so many different locations and countries. Which one made the biggest impression on you and why so?

I loved working and living in London. The history of theatre there lends to making films. There’s a wonderful history and respect for the ‘word’, which makes it very conductive for good film work. There’s a great sense of tradition throughout the crew, which helps my actor state of mind. 

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After driving fast cars and drifting so much in the films, we know you love cars. Which car is your dream car?

My dream car is definitely the 68 Fastback Mustang. 

You hosted your own podcast channel ‘Sung’s Garage’ starting back in 2020. Is producing and hosting your own podcasts something you want to do more of in the future?

Yes, very much so. I have a podcast coming out soon. I definitely have more people I want to meet and learn from in this space, so it’s going to be a cool learning opportunity.

Sung, tell us more about your upcoming projects. Where will we be seeing you in next?

I started directing. My first feature film comes out this Fall. It’s a horror comedy called ‘Shaky Shivers’. I plan to keep directing. My first try proved to me filmmaking is where I belong and then am the best version of myself. I like that feeling. 

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