interview by Demet Kamburoglu

Actor Sergio Momo is best known for playing Yeray in the third season of  Netflix hit series ‘Elite’ and Nico in Netflix’s ‘Welcome to Eden’. Most recently, he starred in a police series ‘Una Vida Menos en Canarias’, which is currently available on Atresplayer platform and will be soon aired on Antena 3.

Sergio, the beginning of your acting journey dates back to your youth. What was the initial call you had for the craft, and how did you choose to pursue this by your own means?

My first call for acting was honestly Disney Channel. I remember watching a behind the scenes video of That’s So Raven and being so fascinated by it. Realizing that they were actors pretending to be someone else in a made up/fake set was just magical. I wanted to do that.

Your role in the Spanish Netflix show ‘Elite‘ gathered admiration from Gen Z audiences. How did you approach the portrayal of your character?

Having been part of such an amazing project is something that I will always treasure. I was 22 years old and I remember going through some of the things that the character was also experiencing (in a way less dramatic and subtle way lol). So it just enriched the experience and made it one of the best summers of my life.

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Your acting skills and contributed works reached not only the Spanish audiences, but a wide variety of international audiences. How does your work contribute to the Spanish film and its representation on the global stage?

Oh, wow. I’m not sure if my work is at a point (or will ever be) where it actually contributes to anything at all. But what I do know is that the more I work, the more I realize there’s still so much more room to grow and learn. And as an actor it’s so important to keep practicing and training the muscle just like an athlete or a dancer.

Beyond the screen, how do you tackle the demands of daily life? What does a perfect day look like to you?

With therapy haha. Jokes aside, I would say my perfect day starts out with Sade playing in the background, some dancing and a good movie.

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Going back to ‘Elite’, the show has been celebrated for the various cultural issues it aimed to highlight and artistically express. How would you position yourself within these cultural conversations? How do you think the show influenced your career?

I think fiction is so powerful when it comes to help create a collective imaginary. But I also do understand that this is not always the aim and some pieces are just created to entertain. Elite gave me exposure and the opportunity to, for a brief period of time, being seen by a major audience so that definitely made a difference and I’m and always be grateful for that opportunity.

Please walk us through your preparation process for an upcoming role. Although this could differ from character to character, what would a classic immersion to a new storyline look like for you?

I’d say read the script as many times as I can so I can get a better view of the whole picture and distance myself so I can see how can actually contribute to the story as a whole. What is needed of me. That’s the idea of course but it’s not an easy job to work constantly with your ego so you just have to become friends with it.

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Looking ahead, which new paths would you like to follow in your career? Do you have any specific projects to reimagine in your mind?

I would love to lean towards the creative side but I just feel I have so much yet to learn on my side…Telling stories is always gonna be my goal but maybe next time is during a lypsinc on a colorful stage.

As an actor of a diverse background, how would you like to express your cultural experiences on screen? How does your cultural heritage inform your approach to acting?

I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to use my heritage as a vehicle for a character yet but I also think that as an audience we are eager for different stories from different backgrounds so maybe one day we’ll have to tell the story of a mixed race guy from Spain and someone will be interested on wathcing. Who knows?

Having collaborated with brands like Jean Paul Gaultier and Calvin Klein previously, do you see future ideals within the fashion industry? How would you like to reutilise fashion for your personal or professional life?

I hope! I love, love fashion. It’s such an important form of expression for me since I can remember. I actually wanted to study design as a kid so I’ve always been such an enthusiast about it. It’s never boring. It’s always enjoyable.

Beyond your own projects, which contemporary pieces do you enjoy following? Are there any recent productions that left a lingering impression on you?

Femme by Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping is definitely a film that impressed me and that made me feel so many things. I simply adore to see an idea so perfectly well executed, seen where it starts and where it leads you to. It’s like traveling with a guide and that’s what films should evoke, a guided trip.

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