interview by JANA LETONJA

Spanish footballer and F.C. Barcelona’s captain Sergi Roberto is one of the most talented young talents that have passed through the club. Together with his wife, they make a very modern and trendy couple with impeccable style. They have been praised by major fashion houses and publications, which is opening the doors for Sergi in the fashion industry.

Sergi, how did football become your passion?
Since I was a child, my favourite thing to do was football. My parents always used to tell me that I was playing all day long at home. Even when I was studying, I needed to be with a ball on my feet.

You are the captain of F.C. Barcelona, with which you have won seven La Liga championships and two Champions Leagues. Which out of all these wins meant the most to you and why?
There are several matches that are very special to me. My debut with the first team, the Champions League final and the match against PSG when I scored the match winning goal.

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You are also playing for Spain’s national team. What are your goals for Euro 2024 and Olympic games next year?
The Euro is next year and it would be very special to be able to take part in it and perform well as it is very difficult to win it.

With a humble and disciplined character, many are naming you as the successor of players like Xavi and Iniesta. How does it feel being compared to Spanish football legends like them?
For as long as I can remember, my idols and references have been Xavi and Iniesta, as they played in my position and were home-grown players. They will always be the best players in the world in their position and are a great inspiration and example for me. I have been very lucky to play and learn from them.

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With El Clasico being one of the biggest sports event every year, how do you personally feel about it and the hype around it?
El Clasico is undoubtedly the best game you can play. Being as ‘culé’ as I am, there is always great rivalry and it’s a very special game. Up to now, I’ve been able to play a lot of them and played great matches. 

Besides football, you are also a family man. How has your life and priorities changed since becoming a father?
When I became a father for the first time to my daughter Kaia, my priorities changed completely. Your children become your first priority forever and it is the best thing that ever happened to my wife and I. Now we are parents of Kaia and Dylan and we are very happy. 

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How do you balance your career and personal life, with being on the road so much with the club?
During the football season, we have a busy schedule with trips, training sessions and matches, but I like to take the kids to school every morning and spend time with them in the afternoons as much as I can. The time when we can enjoy being with the family the most is during summer vacation as we tend to have 3 – 4 weeks of holidays and that’s when we have time to enjoy family time.

Your wife is a model and fashion designer. How did her career impact the importance of fashion in your life?
My wife has a big fashion influence on me. I like clothes very much and she is a great help to me. She always helps me with outfits and I could say she is my stylist. 

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Together, you two are a very trendy couple with impeccable style, which has opened the doors for you in the fashion industry. What excites you about the fashion collaborations that are coming your way?
Together with my wife, we’ve worked with different fashion brands with which we identify and it’s something we enjoy doing very much. In my case, we are seeing more and more fashion brands collaborating with elite sports people, as we believe both parts benefit from it in terms of each ones image. I hope to do many more collaborations in the future.

Tell us more about your goals for the future of your football career? Have you already started thinking about what you might want to do after retirement from sports?
I am still young and I have many years left playing football, but I am often thinking about what I would like to do in the future and have several ideas in mind. One would be to stay involved in the world of football and sport. 

I would also like to continue investing in startups, which is something I am currently already working on and where I’m learning a lot about business and enjoy it very much. And another thing I will do for sure will be to continue doing sports. I already have in mind running the 6 major marathons.

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