interview by MARIA MOTA

Sebastian Konrad’s journey into the world of music began in 2016. However, his path wasn’t solely defined by rhythm; it was a seamless fusion of his love for music, fashion and his innate creativity as an Art Director. With a keen sense of experimentation and a passion for blending different styles, Sebastian crafts an immersive experience that transcends genres, transporting listeners to a world of their own.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Who is Sebastian Konrad? 

I was born in Basel, Switzerland. I made the move to London almost two years ago to study Art Direction. When I was 17 I started making and producing music, initially more for fun, focusing on house and deep house genres. It wasn’t until 2019 that I took my music more seriously. Then Covid came and threw everything off track. Eventually, I was able to refocus on my music and now I’ve got one more year of studies left before I can dedicate myself fully to it. I’ve also been doing social media more seriously since September.

So you started your music journey quite early.

In Switzerland, you’re allowed to drink wine, beer, and champagne at 16, but not spirits. There are also clubs for people who were my age at the time, so sometimes I would play at these parties with other 16 and 17-year-olds.

How was the transition from Switzerland to London?

My dream was always to travel for a couple of months and then move somewhere outside Switzerland, which I did. Even though I love Switzerland, I wanted to move somewhere “bigger.” I’m a super social person who loves to go out and just be in a big city. So the transition was quite okay and easy. However, I’m not in London much because I’m mostly playing in Switzerland and now starting to perform in other countries. I haven’t played much in London yet.

How would you describe your sound? 

It has evolved a lot. I started in 2017 with deep house and chill house, similar to Lo-Fi house. Now, I would describe it as melodic, melodic house and techno. I like to call it “Sexy Music.” I enjoy blending different genres and taking people on a journey, mixing various styles within house and melodic techno.

Do you have a message or feeling you want your crowd to experience with your music?

When I’m playing, the most important thing is interacting with the crowd—looking at people, smiling at them, and taking them on a journey like I mentioned before. I believe my success so far comes from actively engaging with the audience. I want them to stay on the dance floor, have a great time, feel excited about what’s coming next, and not want to leave.

Music and Fashion are more intertwined than ever. Since you started as a DJ, what motivated you to start social media and content creation?

Fashion was always a thing for me since I’m like 14, and I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures. I was somewhat active on social media but never focused on being an influencer. When I moved to London, I met many influencers and found myself surrounded by opportunities—there are so many jobs, agencies, and creatives here. That’s why I started taking TikTok more seriously in September. I thought, why not take it seriously since I enjoy it so much? It complements my music career and vice versa. As an artist, you are a brand anyway. About every third post I make is related to music, while the rest focus on fashion and lifestyle.

Do you see your style being influenced by music, and vice versa?

I don’t think so. Privately, I listen to a lot of indie, post-punk, rock, soul, disco, and jazz. These genres are all a bit groovy, and some of my style definitely comes from there and the ’70s. But the music I play doesn’t seem to influence my style much. I don’t dress like a typical house or techno DJ, so maybe thats why. A lot of people think I’m in a band or something rather than a DJ. I think the unexpected makes it even more interesting.

Is this your first time playing at Primavera Sound? 

Yes! It’s also my first time properly being in Barcelona. Before this, I had only been here for half a day.

How was your experience? Did you enjoy it?

I liked it a lot. I only attended one day, Saturday, but I enjoyed it. I expected more electronic music, but there was actually a lot of rock and indie. I saw many great acts, like Róisín Murphy. I listen to a lot of her music, and her performance was really, really good.

How did it feel collaborating with Pull&Bear, who are also creating a space where music, fashion, and creativity flourish together? 

I liked it! It was definitely a fashion gig since it was in the showroom, so it was closely connected to the brand. It was more of a collaboration with music, which I appreciated because music is becoming more integrated with brands. It’s something that everybody enjoys, so blending music and fashion is always a good idea.

How do you usually prepare for your sets?

I’m a really freestyle person. The preparation I always do is downloading songs I’ve heard recently and know I want to play, along with unreleased tracks I’ve made or received, and add them to my playlist. Sometimes I prepare my first or second song, but usually nothing else. To get the mood right, my DJing is fully freestyle. It really depends on the setting, the time of day, the crowd, and even the country, as some places prefer harder music than others.

What is something you could listen to on repeat for hours?

I listen to so much music—a huge variety, with millions of playlists. It ranges from psychedelic to pop, jazz to bossa nova. There is too much good stuff. If I had to pick one genre to listen to for the rest of my life, it would probably be house music.

What’s next for you? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you’re particularly excited about?

I’m really excited about my university summer break, where I’ll finally have the time to produce more music. During the other months, I’m either at uni or DJing, and producing music requires a lot of headspace and creativity. Now, I can focus on creating a lot of new music to maybe release after summer. So, I’m really excited about new music and hopefully signing with new labels.

If someone had to look for you, where would they find you? “Meet me on the dance floor”. Its a song by Green Velvet, dun-dun-dun-dun…
What is one thing you are known for? Smiling and being active. Energized.
Do you have a signature look? Flared pants, nice boots, and a simple t-shirt or shirt. 
If music and content creation weren’t in the plans, what would you be doing? Something in the likes of Art Direction.

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