Interview by JANA LETONJA

Musician and model Sarah Almoril placed 7th on the 14th season of ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ before she then started working on her music. She is known for her electrifying live shows and a distinctive fusion of strong voice and captivating tunes.

Sarah, music has always been a pivotal part of your life, but when did you know you wanted to record your own?

I was always singing and writing for myself, but when I had growing success as a model and on social media, I realized this could open the doors to some producers for me, so I started sharing more singing content and luckily got the request for music soon after. 

You started songwriting and recording your own music in 2020. Where do you draw inspiration from when working on new music?

I’d say I’m someone who can change their mind quickly and enjoys a wide range of music and styles, so there’s always so much inspiration you can take in before you create your own versions. And besides that, I always felt like I wrote my best lyrics and melodies when I was just singing freestyle without overthinking. 

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How would you describe your development as an artist since you released your first song to today?

I learned a lot about the business part, but also evolved what kind of music I want to create. The business part is maybe why it takes a while for me to release new songs. Yes, it’s easier with Instagram reach to work with producers together, but I also see how much you have to invest. And everyone who does music knows you only make money if you’re a huge artist or give a lot of concerts, so I’m definitely also focused on a more lucrative release after already investing a lot. Besides that, I would say my growing interest and practices in spirituality have influenced my new and unreleased music. I enjoy mixing different genres and always want to come up with refreshing sounds.

We live in an era, where social media has a huge impact on the music industry. What is your opinion and experience on this?

I’d say there’s never enough music, so it’s not something bad that a lot of people are using their platform to create more than just pictures and videos. It helped me too, so I’m very thankful. Obviously, a lot of hits are happening because some artists have a huge following. Honestly, I don’t like it all the time and sometimes you can get shocked when you see how far someone can come with that when there’s obviously far more talented people without the followers. But no one can determine your path. I believe you can do everything with confidence and maybe that’s where those are some steps ahead. It’s a good learning to see no one’s perfect, just put yourself out there. 

What changes do you believe we’ll be witnessing in the near future in music?

I can imagine a lot of AI use and I hope there’s a lot of spiritual music evolving during this time. 

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Before you started your career in music, you’ve been a model. What fulfilled you the most about modeling and what made you decide to focus only on music?

I really liked the creativity. You always get a new look and are able to slip into different roles a lot. It’s also a way of expressing yourself in front of the camera. And it’s a never ending excitement waiting for the finished content, getting new requests and chances, so I don’t think I’ll ever decide for one or the other.

You finished in 7th place on 14th season of ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’. What is your favorite memory from this experience and how would you sum up the experience in general?

I always say it was a crash course for the branch. I haven’t traveled far and never met a big celebrity before ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’. I felt like my horizons got expanded and I could evolve my personality, but honestly, the manipulation and show business ruthlessness wasn’t too easy to process and took a while. I’ve always been pretty sensitive and have a high moral code, so I had to understand where to set my boundaries for this path. 

You left home when you were only 15. How did this decision impact your life? What were the biggest challenges you faced when you started living on your own so young?

I wasn’t living alone immediately, but I had different stations. I’d say this time was extremely formative for my independence. I’m just proud of myself and how brave I have always been. I never stopped thriving for my own victory moments. Leaving my home gave me new experiences, where I learned more about myself and society, which is still useful to this day. 

Tell us more about your plans for this year and what projects you’re currently working on.

I’m a big believer when it comes to divine timing, so I’m excited myself what the universe has in store for me this year. I feel like I’m building a solid foundation to have a balanced life of self-care, smart planning and also taking time for that part of myself that is more sensitive and introverted. On the other side, I’m excited about adventure, traveling, working on music and also challenging my comfort zone in modeling.

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