words by MARIA MOTA

Numéro Netherlands presents Samuel Aitken’s cover debut with Damon Baker who were introduced through Select Model Management. Following the footsteps of his mother Victoria Lockwood, a well known and respected model of the 80s era, Samuel and Victoria share a modern androgynous look to which Samuel would like to express and interpret through his creativity and journey into modelling, acting and music.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Who is Samuel Aitken?

I’m not quite sure yet but I’ll let you know when I find out. 

How did you start modeling?

I became a model at the end of my high school career, just a couple of months ago, after Robin Fryer from 20modelmanagement scouted me via Instagram. However, I have always felt connected to modelling and the industry having been raised by my mother (Victoria Lockwood). She was a Bruce Webber discovery and enjoyed a short but very successful career in the mid 80’s. My connection to the camera is something that I definitely inherited from my mother and something that I’m very grateful to have. 

Do you see yourself exploring any other career path besides modeling?

Definitely! I’m an open-minded person and I’m constantly searching for new ways to express myself. I’d like to experiment in the acting industry in particular as well as run my own business in the future. I’m taking each day as it comes because you never really know what’s on the horizon. I am planning on studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics in the UK later this year or potentially next year, while still working hard on trying to create a successful career in modelling for myself. 

 Being involved in the fashion industry you are surrounded by creative people who have their own personal touch on the way they present themselves. How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is ever changing and evolving. I wouldn’t say I stick to any style in particular. I get my inspiration from where I am and who I’m around with at the time. 

You previously shot with talented photographer Damon Baker, who sees you as his muse. How do you feel about that and how is it to work together? 

The day I met Damon Baker there was an instant connection between us behind the camera and off camera. I don’t see myself as “working” with him because he’s not a photographer, he’s an artist and when we’re together we can create something that’s unique and powerful. I’ve learnt and grown a lot from the time we’ve spent together, he’s inspired me in so many ways. I am extremely thankful that I am his muse because I know that I’ll get to create more with him, which truly is a feeling like no other. 

Do you have a muse yourself? Or someone that has inspired you the most in your career and personal life?

 My mother inspires me every day for not only her incredible modelling career but having raised 5 children by herself. She’s actively involved in humanitarian work and this perfectly reflects her selfless and caring nature. As they say “not all heroes where capes” 

Soon you will be off to Tokyo for a few months, what can you tell us about this?

After the fashion shows in Paris and Milan I’ll be heading to Tokyo for 2 months. Personally, Japan has always been a place I’ve wanted to explore so having the opportunity to travel there while working is something I’m very grateful for. I’m really looking forward to experiencing a new culture and meeting new people there. 

What are the key places you normally travel to and the ones you are most excited to visit?

I often travel to Milan and Paris. I’m obsessed with both cities for various reasons. I love the culture, history, fashion and food there. I’ve got a huge desire to travel to New York and meet my agency there – it just looks like a phenomenal city and I can’t wait to experience it. 

What are your aspirations as a young model? 

I would like to cement my name in the fashion world and continue to meet extraordinary and talented people. I’d also like to be known for my versatility so that I can work with varied creative teams.

Photographer DAMON BAKER




Styling assistant VANIA MONTEIRO