British actress Robyn Cara is making waves with her starring role in Netflix’s highly anticipated dark comedic thriller series “Bodkin”, releasing on May 9th. Robyn has garnered recognition for her diverse performances, from captivating dramas to light-hearted comedies that span across the stage and screen, including notable appearances in “The Rising,” “Trying” and “Ackley Bridge.” 

What initially inspired you to pursue a career in acting?
A teacher suggested I read plays because she thought it would be easier for me on account of my dyslexia, which was my first exposure to scripts, and I loved them. Also, my mum had a complete box set of Friends that I would watch episodes of one after the other, and that definitely inspired my love of comedy. 

You started your career in theatre. Can you share your experience of what drew you to the stage, and how did that shape or prompt your transition to TV and film?
My mum used to take me to the local theatre as a kid and in drama school, we focused heavily on stage training, so it’s something I’m very used to. I miss it a lot and can’t wait to do more theatre soon.

How did you become involved in “Bodkin” and what attracted you to this project?
I loved the “Bodkin” scripts straight away. I found the tone so unique and hilarious and immediately connected with it. I did a tape, and then the week after, I got called in for a chemistry test with Siobhan [Cullen] and lots of the creative team – then thankfully got the job! It was one of those auditions where I just felt I could really do this and one I just really wanted. 

How would you describe your character and how did you prepare to portray Emmy, especially with having to balance the humour with the darker elements in the series?
We talked a lot about the tone of the show and I think it was something everyone was always on the lookout for while making sure we were all in the same tonal world. For Emmy specifically, she’s very upbeat, positive, and eager, so I just tried to channel those parts of me and keep the comedy elements in line with the tone we had discussed. 

What do you hope audiences will take away from the series and what can they expect from your character’s journey throughout the series?
I think there are a lot of different things to take from it; like the importance of the truth and the value of the story and how the true crime craze can blur those lines. And I’m really excited to see their reactions to Emmy, however, because she is basically me so I am also terrified. 

Your career boasts a diverse range of roles in projects like “The Rising”, “Doctor Jekyll”, “Ackley Bridge” and now “Bodkin.” Is there a particular character you’ve played that you feel a strong connection to? If so, why?
I played a character called Jen in the Apple TV series “Trying” and in the initial audition email she was described as “water in water” which I just love and immediately connected with – even though I’m not entirely sure what it means. I think it has to do with an energy thing, the character sort of goes with the flow but in a hilarious way as written by Andy Wolton. 

Reflecting on your time in theatre, what are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned that continue to influence your work in TV and film?
I don’t really distinguish between stage and screen in terms of how I work but my experience on stage definitely taught me discipline, which is very important for screen. 

Are there particular genres or types of roles you are eager to explore in the future that you haven’t had the opportunity to tackle yet?
I’ve done a lot of comedy and would love to do more. Recently I’ve been loving watching horror so maybe a horror/comedy mash-up like “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” I also am obsessed with romcoms so a classic romcom is on the bucket list. 

Outside of acting, what other passions and hobbies do you have?
Something I do a lot is go to the cinema on my own which is so therapeutic – I would highly recommend it. I tried knitting for a few minutes a couple of months ago and I’m always trying to find ideas for short films or projects I can help be at the origin of. As well as just auditioning for new projects, of course. 

Looking ahead, what can you share on your upcoming projects?
I recently finished filming a fantasy family film where I got to run around the Welsh countryside in a cool outfit, which I think will be really fun. It’s called “Legend Has It” and has an amazing cast including Rupert Everett, Tamsin Grieg, and Emilia Fox. And then just auditioning for some really exciting stuff. And waiting for “Bodkin” to be out in the world!

photography PIP BOURDILLON