interview by JANA LETONJA

Actress Rebecca Wisocky stars as one of the breakout stars on CBS’ hit series ‘Ghosts’, that returned on 15th February with a shortened Season 3. She is best known for portraying fan favorite Evelyn Powell in ‘Devious Maids’.

Rebecca, we can currently see you reprising your role in the third season of CBS’ series ‘Ghosts’. Tell us about the show, your character and what can the fans expect from the remainder of the season?
‘Ghosts’ takes place in a mansion that is inhabited by several people who have died there over the last 1.000 years. It’s a silly romp of an ensemble comedy, but it’s also cleverly subversive in the ways it challenges the social conventions of its residents. The BBC ‘Ghosts’ did so as well, gloriously, and we’re grateful to them for creating the concept.

My character, Hetty Woodstone, died in 1895. She was the wife of a robber baron and led a life most concerned with propriety and status. She’s grown quite a bit in the two seasons we’ve been on air. She’s had a sexual awakening with a washing machine, learned that she is an inconsistent feminist, had an affair with a man 150 years her junior and possibly sent her husband to literal hell. She’s learned that she has been wrong about many things. That’s been very fun to play.

Our third season premiered on 15th February. We’ll get to see a lot more growth from Hetty this year. There are several gorgeous flashbacks in the season in which we learn a lot more about how she came to be this contrary woman.  We may even learn how she died. I can’t tease more than that, but it is juicy and unexpected.

What’s your fashion inspiration?
I spend most days trussed up in a corset and bustle to play Hetty on ‘Ghosts’, so this shoot was a fun opportunity to let loose a bit and work with the amazing stylist Joseph Cassell. I love wearing suits. I think there’s nothing sexier than a woman in well-tailored menswear.

When I moved to New York in 1990 to attend NYU, my roommate was this impossibly sophisticated French violinist named Laura. She had a photo of Marlene Dietrich up on our wall. We smoked cigarettes and went to see French New Wave films and she became a lifelong friend. She’s impacted my sense of style more than anyone. I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore, but I’ve been lazily hoping to speak French ever since. 

We shoot ‘Ghosts’ in Montreal and our entire crew are Francophones. We love them so much. So, it’s finally been the kick in the pants to take it more seriously. Brandon Scott Jones, who plays Isaac, and I have been taking proper lessons.

Tell us about working with such a large cast.
I love working on this show so much and it is thrilling that so many people are responding to it. I started out in the theatre in New York and also worked for a long time with a dance theatre company. One of the most joyful things I can think of is to be in an ensemble, everyone with a purpose and unique ways of getting there. In my opinion, the company, writers and crew of ‘Ghosts’ are unparalleled. I must also mention our costume designer Carmen Alie and our production designer Zoe Sakellaropoulo. The visual world of ‘Ghosts’ is so incredibly detailed and luscious. I’m amazed by their skills daily.

However, I have been itching to get back on the stage myself. My husband is a Tony Award-nominated lighting designer. He has two productions opening on Broadway this Spring. I get to continue being a theatre geek through him.  

You and your husband have three rescue dogs. Tell us more about your rescues.
When I was shooting the series ‘Devious Maids’, I participated in Roslyn Sanchez’s charity event, promoting the spaying/neutering and adoption of street dogs in Puerto Rico. She has done so much wonderful work for stray animals, particularly Satos. This was a very fun ‘Amazing Race’ type of event. One of the rescue organizations that took part, Santuario de Animales San Francisco de Asís, placed Carlo in my arms and I just never let him go. He’s now 11. My husband and I also adopted 2 rescue twins in 2020 from The HIT Living Foundation in Los Angeles. I just love dogs. I love dog people. I feel passionately about adopting dogs in need and the power of dogs to rehabilitate people. I’d have 5 more if I could. We plan a big road trip to get them back and forth from Montreal every year, so 8 dogs is probably pushing it. Maybe there’s a farm in my future?

How do you like to relax when not shooting?
When we’re not in Montreal or New York, Lap and I live in Los Angeles with our three rescue dogs Carlo, Primrose and Tank. We like to visit Laura and her family in Paris and we’re planning a trip to Norway with his family this summer. If you see me, parle français and I’ll try not to freeze up.

photography RIKER BROTHERS