Starring in Zalando’s newest sportswear campaign “Your best is yet to come”, rapper Pusha.T sat down with Numero Netherlands to discuss sport, career and personal health. The campaign gathered multiple world-renowned athletes to step out of their usual fields and try out different sports without fear of judgment. Zalando aims to encourage people to exercise for their own pleasure and show that doing sports is about self-care, community and growth. Diving into how sport participates in building a steady lifestyle and help holding on with a frantic life rhythm, the rapper explained how being in shape contributes to build his creativity and improve his performance on stage.

How did you first get into fitness, and how does it complement your music career?

I’ve always lived an active lifestyle, fitness has been in my routine since childhood. As I got into music it helped my show endurance as well as keeping me in shape to transition through fashion trends.

What are some of your key fitness routines, and how do they impact your performance on stage?

My morning starts off with an hour of inclined cardio on the treadmill, followed by weight lifting… I find myself getting through 70 mins show performances way easier when I’m prepared with this routine before the tour season starts.

How do you stay motivated to keep fit despite a demanding schedule?

My fitness motivation these days is my son… I have a three year old who is very active and I refuse to be outdone by him!

Can you share how seeing physical results has transformed other aspects of your life?

The physical results of fitness have brought numerous opportunities to my music andfashion career. Walking in Louis Vuitton fashion shows to now being an ambassador with the brand has increased my visibility. I’ve noticed I’ve been considered for more campaigns as well.

How has your perspective on success and health evolved over the years?

I’ve come to find out that health and fitness give you the clarity needed to achieve success and most goals… They work hand in hand.

What music do you find most motivating during a workout?

I have the ultimate Jay-Z B-Sides/Freestyles playlist for when I work out – it gets me through the toughest days.

How would you describe your relationship with health and fitness now?

Health and fitness is part of my everyday lifestyle… missing a day throws off my ability to execute to my fullest potential

What advice would you give to people to start their fitness journey?

No one starts off perfect, routines take time… as long as you get up and get at it, you’ve already won the first part of the battle.

Who inspires you in both your music and fitness pursuits?

Musically, Jay-Z. In fitness, I admire the consistency of Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, both have great watch collections too!

You have a huge performance lined up in Paris this summer, what other upcoming projects or goals are you most excited about in your career?

Getting more music out to the public is my only goal… My excitement comes from reaching my fans.

The new Zalando campaign shows you training with iconic footballer Alexia Putellas – to what extent does competition motivate you?

I’m a firm believer in competing with yourself before anyone else… outdoing your personal best should be enough satisfaction.

Outside of training, what do you think makes your personal style so unique and how has it evolved in your career?

My personal style is unique because it takes high end fashion and translates it to an everyday lifestyle. Kind of like a tutorial sometimes to the streets… it’s a give and take relationship, as I benefit from the information and taste level of the streets as well… we are a match made in heaven.