In this month’s issue we interviewed Dutch model, Puck Shrover, to see how she maintains the perfect balance between her exciting modeling career and personal life. 

Puck was scouted at the age of 15 by Mo Karadag from Platform Agency, while shopping with her mother in her hometown Eindhoven. Studying and training several times in a week as a competitive swimmer, Puck had a busy life and was trained to maintain a balance between her private life and her professional swimming career with school. After finishing high school Puck decided to let her swimming ambitions go and focus on full-time modeling. She traveled the world, including Paris, Tokyo, London, and Milan. But Puck struggled to break through into the industry, so she decided to go back to school. She didn’t give up on her ambitions and her perseverance finally paid off, and whilst still at University Puck made her Paris debut exclusively for the YSL SS22 fashion show. Many shows followed and her editorial work started to build, backed by brands such as Isabel Marant, Courreges, Valentino, and Givenchy. 

You are originally from the Netherlands but first, could you tell us a bit more about what it was like growing up here, and was it a culture shock for you when you started travelling to cities like Tokyo for work?

I really enjoyed growing up in the Netherlands. I was born in a little village near Eindhoven and used to play a lot outside. Later on, I went to a school at the other side of the city what meant I had to go by bus. This was quite scary to me as it felt so far away from home. However, I got used to that as well very soon. This was also the case when I got to travel more for work. My first trips were all in Europe and my agent always came with me. Then, after high school I got a gab year and traveling to Tokyo was such an opportunity for me. I went with Elke, another model from Platform and together we discovered so much from the city. The culture was very different compared to what we were used to. But the people are so kind and welcoming there. I would really recommend everyone to go if they find a chance. After this experience, I only got more and more excited to discover many more places from all over the world. Therefore, I feel so lucky every time I get to go somewhere new.

You entered the industry at age 15, do you have any regrets of modelling so young? And tell us how would you describe your first experience with being scouted and entering the modelling world?

When I got scouted, I was shopping with my mom and I remember being a bit overwhelmed. I never thought of modeling before and therefore my first answer was no. Later, when I told my dad, he suggested to just try and see whether I would like it or not. I could always say no. That’s why I decided to email Mo @Platform Agency (my agent) and a week later I was drinking tea with him and my dad. We started very slowly as I was so young and still had to go to school. My dad was very supportive and used to bring me to all the appointments and test shoots in the beginning. And as Mo was so patient, I got to discover the industry step by step, without being overwhelmed. My stance towards the industry back then was the same as it still is right now. As long as I really enjoy what I am doing, I keep doing it. And that is still the case. 

Who and What are some of your inspirations personally and professionally?

What is most important to me is that I keep doing what I like most. I think that is something my parents always thought my siblings and me. Just as they told us to work very hard for the things you want to achieve, as nothing will just come towards you. 

What are some of your modelling highlights so far and what are you most excited about for your future?

Ofcourse, this cover is one of the highlights as this is my first cover ever and I am very happy with the picture. I had given up on doing any shows during fashion weeks but then last September I did my first YSL debut Excl show in Paris and after that I got to work with so many nice and inspiring people. Its very special to be able to start working on this level at 22!  I keep learning so much every time I get somewhere, and that’s also what I’m most excited about for the future. As every work trip is different, I keep learning and discovering. One specific thing I am looking forward to is going to NYC. I really hope to go there soon. 

From your experience what do you think are the pros and cons of the fashion industry?

The pros are very clear to me. Modeling really helped me to develop and be independent. Also, you learn to adapt as plans change a lot in this industry. This, is at the same time also a con. As planning fun things with friends and family might sometimes be hard. Also, whereas on set you are surrounded by many lovely people, you are mostly alone whilst traveling and in your hotel room. For me, that’s the perfect moment to work on my studies. But when I’m not busy with that, it is sometimes a bit lonely. 

What are your well-being tips for managing your hectic schedule during fashion week and what do you like to do to prepare yourself in-between shows?

During last fashion week, my sister and boyfriend came to visit me. Although I was very busy and running everywhere, it was so good to have a coffee together (even if it was just for half an hour). Coffee overall really helped me to survive the week. But I think it is important to find little moments in between to relax a bit and meet up with friends. And what worked for me was not to try to plan to too much and see what happens day by day. It is going to be hectic anyways. Oh, and eating a lot of vitamines kept the flu away.  To prepare myself in between the shows I liked to walk a bit and listen to a podcast or some music. It is always so chaotic and busy during shows. Therefore, a quiet moment before is always good. 

What is your beauty routine, and some of your favourite go-to products?

I recently started to use a lot of products from Kiehls. Every night I wash my face with their facial wash and I also love to use their ultra facial cream. At the end of my routine I always use the eau de beauté from Caudalie. The smell of this product is so good and refreshing. I already have to buy a new one as my sister and mother keep using it as well.

To close up, our issue is about Balance. So what does balance mean to you in all aspects?

To me balance means a good balance between working hard to achieve the things you want, but also reward yourself every now and then. I strongly believe that’s the way you keep it all up. It’s a shame to only be busy with what you still want without enjoying the things that are happening now. 

Writen by Mariana Malheiro and Nav Kaur