Interview by Jana Letonja

PRESLEY GERBER manages to straddle vastly different worlds. As an entrepreneur, model, and community activist, he invests in businesses as well as works with fashion brands that appeal to his artistic and creative senses. 

Presley, you grew up in a home with parents who both have very successful careers. How was it growing up in such an environment? What values has it instilled in you?

Even though both my parents worked, family was the most important thing in my house growing up. I did though enjoy overhearing my dad on the phone doing business calls and went on a few shoots with my mom, so I felt pretty comfortable in both situations as I started doing my own projects. 

How did your mom’s modeling and your dad’s business career inspire your own dreams and goals?

Both my parents love their jobs and I saw that since they love what they do, it didn’t feel like work. That inspired me to work on things that I love. 

You have worked with fashion houses that appeal to your artistic and creative senses. What has shaped them?

Well, I grew up in Malibu with a lot of exposure to the LA, surf and skateboard aesthetic. I also love music from rock to rap. All those worlds influence what appeals to me. 

How important is fashion in your life personally?

I just want to feel good in my clothes and feel like they express who I am as a person. Whether it’s putting on a suit for a red carpet event or getting dressed to go to my favorite club on a Saturday night, I want my clothes to express me. I like to wear my clothes, not feel like they are wearing me.

You are also investing in businesses. How do you look for businesses to invest in? What are the criteria that you use when deciding which business to invest in?

I really enjoy investing in real estate, but any company that has a good and passionate team behind them sparks my interest.

You are a huge skating and surf enthusiast. What piqued your interest in these sports? Which do you prefer?

Not a good skater, but I’ll give myself surfing credit. Malibu High Surf team baby. I think when growing up in Malibu it’s part of the lifestyle, so you either surf or skate.

You are also a supporter of many charities that create awareness and advocate for men’s mental health. Why is this cause so close to you? And why is raising awareness on men’s mental health of such importance in the world?

Mental health is something that isn’t talked about enough in the male community. I have lost many friends due to their lack of speaking their mind and if I can do anything in my power to change that, then count me in.

You work with Sense of Home, which helps create first homes for young people aging out of foster care. Can you tell us more about this organization and what you do with them?

A Sense of Home gives me the opportunity to help by putting together apartments for people who need them. We get to design the whole place from the sofa to what’s hanging on the walls. I don’t think there’s anything that I care about more than putting a smile on somebody’s face. If I can make somebody smile, which is what Sense of Home does every day, then I will always be a part of it.

Can you tell us about a moment in your life that you’d describe as one of the most impactful until now?

Learning to surf well. I went to Tahiti when I was 14 and got to surf big waves in warm water with some really close friends. That’s when I knew surfing was going to be a part of my life forever.

What are your goals for the future? More modeling? More business? Maybe something completely new?

Right now, I’m enjoying doing so many different things. I’m currently working at Casamigos, helping with the creative team as well as influencer outreach and social media. I also love investing and I just finished renovating my first house.

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