Interview by Jana Letonja

Oliver Stark has quickly made a name for himself in the US and abroad for the dynamic characters he has brought to life in film, television and on stage. Oliver was seen reprising his starring role as confident and compassionate firefighter Evan ‘Buck’ Buckley in FOX’s smash hit drama series ‘9-1-1’, which just aired the season finale of its sixth season. The series has been canceled by Fox, but picked up and renewed for a seventh season by ABC.

Oliver, you star in Ryan Murphy’s hit drama series ‘9-1-1-‘, which follows the lives of Los Angeles first responders: police officers, paramedics, firefighters and dispatchers. How has the experience of being part of this successful series been for you?

It’s been such a joy. I’ve found real friendship on the show with my cast mates and crew members. The fact that the show has gone on to become such a success is a reflection of everyone’s hard work.

In the series, you portray Evan ‘Buck’ Buckley, a confident and compassionate firefighter. Can you share with us a bit about what preparations did you have to undergo to portray a firefighter on TV?

Being physically fit was a big part of it for me. I wanted to feel like I could hold up the physical demands of the job. I learnt a lot about the LAFD in the lead up to the show and got to spend time with real firefighters. 

What are the biggest challenges of filming this series and the firefighting scenes?

I think the biggest challenge is trying to find a balance between what is an accurate depiction of being a firefighter and what makes for good fun television. We are not making a documentary, but want to honor real life stories. 

How would you sum up season 6 and its finale?

A rollercoaster. There have been massive ups and downs for every single character and that all came to a head in the final episode. 

What can we expect when the series returns for its sevent season in the Fall?

I can’t say for sure as production hasn’t started on the seventh season yet, but I can be certain that it will be as fun and thrilling as ever.

You began your career at a young age, attending the North London Performing Arts Centre. What ignited your interest in acting?

I think I was always a performer in some regard. Even before I really knew what that was or that it was a viable career option. Finding acting classes and giving it some structure was a great outlet for me as a youth. 

Due to work, you relocated from London to Los Angeles. How hard was it to get accustomed to life in LA and to a completely different culture?

I find myself to be a very adaptable person so it wasn’t too tough. I’d also spent plenty of time in LA before making the move, so I didn’t feel like a stranger to the city. 

As of 2021, you are working  with a charity that provides workout equipment to firehouses to help firefighters stay in shape. What made you decide to partner up with this charity? Why is workout equipment of such importance for the firehouses and firefighters?

They reached out to me and I thought it was a fantastic cause and something I didn’t really have a lot of knowledge about. It’s important they have access to great equipment so they can stay fit and strong, so they can help us if we ever find ourselves in danger.

When you are not on set, how do you love to spend your down time?

Simple things. Time with my loved ones. Time with my dog. Time in nature. I like peace and quiet.

Photography WIL COHEN