Interview by Jana Letonja

Actress Olga Kurylenko has garnered global recognition for her work in film and television, working with some of the most acclaimed filmmakers of their time. Before becoming an actress, Olga worked as a model, appearing on the covers of major fashion magazines. She was in la Mostra de Venizia in September to present Xavier Giannoli serie ‘Of Money and Blood’, which will be soon on Canal +.

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Olga, you started your professional career as a model when you moved to Paris. What has working as a model taught you about yourself, life and work ethic?

Working as a model taught me that there were a lot of predators out there and that if I wasn’t smart and strong, I would very quickly perish in this world. So I read tons of books on philosophy and psychology in order to work on myself and understand how to be a winner and not the victim in sometimes difficult situations. I also realised that I was lucky to be able to model in order to secure my financial independence, so I decided to use all that free time, while in hair and make-up or on planes, to read and educate myself. 


How would you describe your relationship with fashion? How big of a part does it play in your everyday life?

I appreciate fashion as much as any regular woman does. I’m not obsessed by it however. I’ve never been a shopper. I don’t like having more than I need and in reality I need very little. With that said, I appreciate looking great and it’s thanks to fashion that I’m able to make it happen when I need to. 

What do you love the most about fashion when attending red carpet events, fashion shows and award shows?

Well, sometimes it’s fun enough to attend those places to just see what other people come up with or even dare to wear. What people choose to wear can give us insight into their inner world or at least their mood at a given time. Fashion somewhat may reflect someone’s personality. And I always like to try and guess people’s personality. 

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How did your career take a turn from modeling to acting? What fueled your passion for acting?

I was pasionate about acting as a child. The bravery of other kids being on stage and performing fascinated me while I myself was extremely shy, so I decided to force myself into acting ‘to become brave like them’. My personality completely changed once I started taking acting classes. It also taught me to think. There’s a great deal of thought and understanding of human nature in order to create a character. Once my modeling career took off and I felt sufficiently financially stable, I made the transition into acting in a more professional way. I started attending various auditions. Getting constant call backs was the sign for me to take acting more seriously, which I did. 

How would you say you have developed as an actress throughout all these years, since making your acting debut?

We all learn every day that passes and the personal growth is never ending. Therefore, it’s safe to say that I only became a better actor as the time progressed. The room for improvement is never ending so I will never reach the perfection, but it’s the journey that counts. 


Working with which co-star or director has touched you the most and why?

Terrence Malick, a selfless, kind, thoughful, wise, non judgemental human being. If the world was made of people like him, it would be beautiful. Terry Gilliam, pertinently smart and brave individual. Roland Joffé, who is extremely intelligent, taught me to always be fascinated by the world and love life. He became a lifelong friend and mentor. 

What was the most defining moment of your career so far?

When I did James Bond. It brough me to a fame with a more International appeal. 

Since becoming a mother, how have your priorities in life changed?

The priorities have changed drastically and that is to say that my family is now my priority, not my job. 

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What would you list as your biggest career goals for the future? Are you thinking of stepping behind the camera as well?

Directing never interested me. I know my strengths and weaknesses, and I’m not a suitable person for directing. If I had to change my job, I would much rather become a doctor or a psychologist. These are things I’m passinate about. 

When you are not working, how does your regular day look like? What are your passions outside of your career?

I like reading and try to understand the world. I’m also passionate about health and nutrition, and I love reading medical articles. 

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