Amsterdam-based electro-pop and alternative R&B sensation, Noha Saré, captivates audiences with her powerful yet sensitive voice. Born into an artistic family, Noha, alongside her brother Marius, a multi-instrumentalist and composer, embarked on a musical journey from a young age. As an independent artist, Noha made a striking entry into the music scene last year with her debut singles and EP. Her latest project, the “After All” trilogy, explores the multifaceted nature of love. Collaborating with photographer Kick van Doorn and art director Joardy Tummers, Noha’s visuals for the project seamlessly blend reality and dreams, capturing the essence of each song. 

In this interview, Noha shares insights into her independent artist journey, the inspiration behind her vulnerable songs, and the evolution of her unique musical style.

Can you tell us more about your journey as an independent artist and your  experience releasing your first singles and debut EP last year? 

Releasing my debut EP and organizing a big live release event as an independent artist really was a  milestone for me. It’s a unique experience… just as exciting as it is nerve-wrecking;  you’re busy creating all these ideas in your room, pouring your heart and soul into your work, and suddenly it’s out there and people have their opinions about it. I  wonder if I’ll ever get used to that (laughs). I think one of the biggest challenges for me is  being patient. This whole journey involves much more than just making music and sometimes I have the tendency to take on too much at once, trying to juggle the creative process, production, promotion, and the business side of things. It can be overwhelming, and sometimes I have this annoying urge to achieve everything overnight. But having amazing people around you and being able to work with an incredibly talented team that believes in your vision really makes the difference.

Your music is described as a blend of electro-pop and alternative R&B. How did you come to define your unique style, and what artists or influences inspired you?

I grew up listening to lots of different music. At this point in my life, I notice that I’m really inspired by artists who push the boundaries of what music can be. Artists like 070 Shake, James Blake, and FKA Twigs show me the power and beauty of not being afraid to break free from the norm. I think my music does always have a somewhat dark and melancholic vibe, but I genuinely enjoy playing with different elements and genres, and looking for ways to surprise myself. Also with my visuals. For me it’s really about creating something that sparks curiosity. I guess I don’t want to limit myself too much by putting my music in a certain box. 

Your EP “After All” seems to be a very personal and vulnerable project. What  inspired you to create a love trilogy with three different perspectives on love? 

I think love is the most multifaceted emotion there is, it brings out the best and worst in people and it’s something that everyone can relate to on some level. I find it interesting that no two relationships are the same; sometimes you’re the one with a broken heart and sometimes you’re the one who makes someone else feel miserable. And that’s what I wanted to capture in these songs; the joy and heartbreak – the ecstasy, the challenges, and the growth it brings.

In “Little Time,” you explore the raw and confusing feelings associated with  ending a deep love asking the question “How to turn your back on someone you  love?” Can you share more about the emotions and experiences that inspired this  particular song?

I think “Little Time,” together with “Lost,” is my most vulnerable song so far. It’s really about finding yourself at this point, caught between the love you feel for someone and the necessity of moving on for your own well-being. I remember singing it for the first time – I couldn’t get one single note out of my throat. I went outside, took a walk, came back and tried again. I sang the song in one take and I felt like I could finally breathe again. I believe that was the moment when I could finally accept the idea of choosing myself first.

And the song “After All” is about a toxic and addictive love that’s hard to let go of. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this song and the recurring theme of being led on and falling for the same person?

I think it’s something we all can relate to… some sort of addictive rush. You know for sure that something is not right for you, but you continue to obsess over it and you keep relapsing into the same pattern. It’s so crazy because it’s basically self-torture, but you still can’t help it. I think for me the temptation lies in its uncertainty – you never quite know if you’re going to receive a slap or a pat on the back. I think that’s what makes it hard to let go  of. 

You have a strong collaboration with your brother, Marius, who is a multi instrumentalist and composer. How does working with a family member influence your creative process and the music you create together?

I think what is very special about working together as siblings is that there is this unconditional bond you can’t compare with something else. I would say working with my brother allows me to be entirely honest and explore my creativity to the fullest. We’ve been making music together since we were children, so a simple glance or a few words are often all it takes to understand. That’s also why I enjoy playing live together so much.

The love trilogy is not only conveyed through music but also through visual imagery. How did you work with photographer Kick van Doorn and art director Joardy Tummers to visually capture these different love stories? 

We wanted to create three bodies of art, each telling its own story yet seamlessly connected to one another. The goal was to build a dreamy dark vibe around the songs; humid yet large. I wanted it to be suffocating and liberating at the same time. I love the way visuals can express things that words can’t and create a whole world on its own. I really love working with Kick and Joardy; we are very much on the same page and try to challenge each other with every new project.

How do you see your music evolving in the future, and what can we look forward to in terms of your upcoming releases and projects?

For the future I want to explore and dive into the electronic sound we’ve been able to demonstrate thus far and challenge myself to push my own boundaries even more. I want to enter new exciting collaborations and take our live shows to a next level. There are exciting projects in the works, but I don’t want to reveal too much yet.

Songs composed by Noha Saré, Marius Koch, Tom Bachmann
Songs produced by Tom Bachmann, Marius Koch

Photography: Kick van Doorn 
Art Direction: Joardy Tummers 
Creative Direction: Noha Saré
Creative Consultancy: Paiman Azizi
Interview: Thore Damwerth