Noah Beck is a global athlete, model, entrepreneur and content creator. GQ recently referred to him as ‘the biggest TikTok guy on earth’, amassing over 45 million combined followers. Throughout all of his content creation, the one common thread throughout is friendship and spreading positivity. Noah is set to make his feature acting debut and produce the romantic comedy ‘The QB Bad Boy and Me’.


Noah, as a former MLS Academy and D1 player, you were recently named the first ever ‘Social Playmaker’ for Major League Soccer. Placing a spotlight on the players and clubs from around the League to a global audience of fans, your work will include ‘Beck’s Corner’, a weekly TikTok rundown with your take on MLS action. How excited were you when you got this project? 

It was actually pretty surreal. Growing up and playing in the MLS academy program, that being such a big part of my life, it was kind of a no brainer that this would potentially, hopefully become some kind of collaboration. We had been in talks for a while and then when it actually happened, we had a conversation about what I could do, how can I contribute to the league and stuff like that. I was stoked, because it’s literally my two worlds colliding. Obviously with my love for soccer and then obviously with what I do now, which is content creation. It was definitely something that was a surreal feeling, because it keeps me still in tune with the game. I feel that organic collaboration helps me give back to soccer and it helps me stay in touch. I mean, I could just watch soccer all I want on my own, but if I’m not creating content about it, then not many people know. This collaboration was a fun thing to do.

What’s your idea and concept on how you’ll create your weekly rundowns?

Every week it’s something different. Whether it’s breaking down top goals of the week, breaking down top skills or even bringing it kind of into my world. Like top fits of the week, when the athletes walk into their tunnel, what they’re wearing. It’s nice because the MLS team and I have this collaboration and we talk what do I wanna do this week. And it’s even stuff as cool as showing my favorite skills to do. I love soccer and I think it’s fun to kind of bring my audience to MLS and then MLS audience to me. 

You will also dedicate time to working with MLS NEXT, the League’s youth player development initiative, where you’ll help mentor and inspire the next generation of soccer stars. What does this opportunity mean to you? What do you want to achieve through mentoring and inspiring the next generation of soccer stars?

That’s kind of what it’s all about for me. Growing up in the program of MLS and playing in academy, it’s pretty cool going to these events and seeing little mini me’s running around. I was in their shoes and what I want to achieve is showing these kids that not only will them playing in this academy, them playing in the MLS Next program, be beneficial to their development as a player, but it also made me the man I am today. I was there for three years of my life and I feel like it had a huge impact on my development and on my character. And I think that’s the biggest thing, soccer aside and everything. At the end of the day, it’s what you take out of it. 

Some of those kids could be the next biggest content creators in the world or whatever it may be. The world is really your oyster. When I was their age, all I wanted to do was go pro in soccer. That’s all I ever wanted to do. And I’m sure a lot of them think the same way, but I want to show them that at the end of the day I know we all want to go pro, but life kind of has other plans for you. I wanted to share my story and tell the kids that I was just as determined, just as persistent as the next guy when it came to going pro, but other things happened. And I just made sure I made the best out of my time in the MLS Next academy program.

In the US, soccer is much less popular than football. What made you decide for this sport?

My dad was the biggest factor into me playing soccer, which was funny cause he didn’t even take soccer that serious when he was younger. He was more into baseball. But before I was born, he was and still is the coach of the local high school team in Arizona. So I was like three years old and I would go to trainings and watch. Then, when I got to a certain age where I was like 8 or 9, I would go and train with the older boys. And that forced me to develop quickly. I was an 8-year old, playing with 14 to 18-year old kids. As long as I can remember there was always soccer playing in the house, I always had a ball kicking around. And I just knew it was what I wanted to do since the very young age. 

You are set to headline and produce the romantic comedy, ‘The QB Bad Boy and Me’, which will mark your feature acting debut. What can you tell us about this project?

I never thought I would be the lead in a Rom-Com, especially one that I’m so excited to play. I don’t want to give too much away, but basically if you’ve read the book, it goes a little something along the lines of this high school quarterback. He’s got some trauma from his father being hard on him, his father having a plan for him growing up, but he’s questioning if that’s what he really wants to do. And because of that he’s very hardheaded. But then he meets a girl that kind of softens him up and you know how the rest goes. 

I’m pretty excited to step in the shoes of Drayton and play this role. I’m excited, but I’m also nervous cause it’s something that I’ve never done before. I’ve never acted in my life, so it is going to be a new chapter in my career. I don’t want to get to a certain age and look back and regret not doing something. I’m just trying to do everything, take advantage of the opportunities I have and make the best out of it.

For one of your other projects, you expanded your presence into other arenas with the launch of your podcast ‘Put A Sock In It’, which you host with content creator and recording artist Larri (Larray) Merritt. Why your own podcast? What are the themes you wish to talk about on your podcast in the future?

Larray and I have a very good relationship, we are like best friends. We film videos together and it’s usually funny dances or voiceovers, but we never really showed people what our actual conversations are like. So we had this crazy idea and it was right in front of us, to just do a podcast together. Our conversations, our friendship dynamic is pretty funny. And I think the audience kind of gets a kick out of it when they hear us having debates over certain topics and us just having a completely different perspective on it.

And then you spice it up some more by throwing in guests, which can either be people we’ve never met or close friends of ours. The factor of not really knowing who you’re going to get, it’s been fun and we’re just going to continue to have fun with it. We’ve had guests from all over, we’ve had musicians, we’ve had fellow content creators, family members. At the end of the day, the podcast is very fan driven. The fans decide a lot of the things that we talk about. We ask them what should we talk about on this podcast and they give us topics or questions that they want answered. And it’s what it’s all about, because we’re doing this podcast for them. 


You also have an entrepreneurial spirit, having previously launched your own apparel line ‘Ur Luv’d’. The line sold out in mere 24 hours. ‘Ur Luv’d’ encouraged your fans to “do what makes you happy” and be your most authentic self. Are there any plans for new collections soon? 

We’ve got a lot of things in the works coming up. I know my fans are all over me because I haven’t released any new products in that area in a while. But I promise you, we have some things in the works. 

I love the entrepreneurial side of everything, like the things that people don’t see. I try to just keep offline about what we’re working on, getting ready. I think it’s more organic when I just put my head down to work and then when it comes out, I’ll do the promoting. But I’m really excited because at the end of the day, I think one of the things that interests me the most is being a CEO of a company. I really want to expand my entrepreneurial side and start launching projects, start investing in startups, all that stuff. And I’ve been doing a lot of it, so it’s been fun.

You also took on an advisor role at upstart short form content platform ‘Triller’, where you’re one of the most followed creators. Tell us more about this project and what it is all about.

It’s been almost two years now since I came on board as an advisor for ‘Triller’ and it’s been great. Triller is one of those apps where it’s fun. If you ask my fans, they’d probably say my Triller content is their favorite content, because it’s very organic. I’ll literally just be in the middle of doing something, pick up my phone, go on Triller and be like “All right, this is what I’m doing right now, this is what I have later, this is how I’m feeling, love you guys”. And then give a little piece of advice at the end. It’s very organic and it’s very authentic. But Triller’s hosted some great events in the past and I have really exciting things to come.

Well, as if all that wasn’t enough, you’re quickly becoming a fashion world darling. You have attended Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, as notably the only content creator in the front row for luxury brands like Prada, AMI Paris, Moschino, Thom Browne and Prabal, among others. What is it about fashion world that you would say is the most exciting?

I’ve always had a bit of a knack for fashion, I’m not going to lie. Growing up, I wasn’t able to afford designer stuff. I wasn’t raised on the materialistic side of things, so I never really thought of it in that way. And then obviously few years go by and now I’m doing social media and all that stuff. And I’m now fortunate enough and in a position where I can afford some of these clothes and I always had an interest for it. I started really focusing on what I wore, expressing myself through my outfits. I’m a big believer in health as wealth, like look good, feel good. I love the beauty and wellness side of things. And so when I wore nice outfits, I felt my best. 

Then fast forward, a few months into it and I’m starting to get invited to fashion events. I’m starting to gain recognition from bigger brands and then I see myself traveling the world because of fashion. And then I develop this different kind of perspective on it all. I start to really appreciate the creativity and the art side of it, as opposed to just having the nice clothes. At first it was just cool to post and be there. I never thought I’d be in this position, but now it’s more of like “What was creative director trying to portray with this outfit?” 

I genuinely love fashion. I think it’s a very fun thing that kind of is art. And the idea of wearing art and putting together outfits is very cool to me. 

Your refined styles and fashion-forward sensibilities are continuously being spotlighted. ‘Evening Standard’ even named you the ‘new face of fashion royalty’. How do you describe your style?

I would say versatile. I kind of want to be able to wear anything, like wearing an old money outfit as opposed to a new skater type, street wear type fit. I’ve done some things that are considered a little risky and not what the average person would wear. But at the end of the day, it’s fashion. It’s all about expressing yourself, so can you really be too risky?

When you joined TikTok, was is just for fun or did you already at the beginning have any ideas in mind on the content you wanted to share? 

I started posting on TikTok because of Covid. A lot of people took on hobbies that they wouldn’t normally do. I was training, working out, going to school and then nothing else, so I was like “What should I do with this extra time?” And then my sister had this app called TikTok and she had like 8.000 followers on it, which was quite a lot. Being the annoying little brother I was, I bet that in two weeks I could have more followers than her. We made a bet and that night I posted two TikTok videos that were these trending sounds at the time, like lip syncing. I woke up to like 20.000 followers the next morning and that was pretty surreal. The rest is history. 

It was a cool feeling, but then I pushed it aside for quite a while because I didn’t want it to distract me from soccer. And then I realized like I could do both. I think it was more the idea of my teammates seeing me, seeing my videos and judging me, that was kind of holding me back. But then I got to a point where I was like who cares. So then I started posting all kinds of content, sports content, family content, dancing videos, comedy, whatever it was. And people really liked it. 

Some people in LA saw it, reached out, I came out to LA, hung out for a little, saw the lifestyle. I saw there are opportunities here that are too good to pass up and I kind of had to make a decision. I owe my career to TikTok. I don’t think if TikTok wouldn’t have come around, I would’ve hopped on social media the way I did. I could post pictures on Instagram all I want, but the virality of TikTok was just insane at that time. And I think I hopped on at a perfect time. When Covid happened, everyone was on their phone at home. 

With having so many projects occupying your time, do you ever get to have any free time? 

I feel the most motivated and my best when I’m productive. Social media is a 24-hour job, you don’t clock in at a certain time and then clock out. Because I’ve been traveling so much lately, I definitely started to appreciate the downtime that I have. But I think I’m at an age where I want to put my head down and work. So it’s balance at the end of the day. I love work and I love being productive, but there needs to be a balance because the last thing I want to do is burn myself out.

What are some of the hobbies you enjoy the most?

When I have time for myself, I usually spend it doing something active. I just like being active, whether it’s going on a hike, whether it’s working out at the gym, whether it’s playing sports. I’m lucky enough to have a hometown friend of mine go to school near my house, at UCLA. And we just go and play soccer. Sometimes we’ll go play tennis, we’ll go play pickle ball. I also love movies, I love going to the movie theater. I love a lot of different things and try to do it all.

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