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Actor Niko Terho is known to the audiences from portraying Dr. Lucas Adams on ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, where his character is having a massive storyline in the 20th season, which will air its season finale episode on 30th May.

Niko, you’re playing one of the new interns we got to meet last season on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. How exciting was getting cast on one of the longest running shows on TV?

Obviously, it was tremendously exciting to be asked to join such an iconic show, especially since it’s only my second professional project ever. It all happened so quickly that it felt pretty surreal. I sent in a tape and within a few weeks we were on set filming. Getting a chance to act every day with such amazing cast and crew is a dream.

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Were you a fan of the show before getting cast on it? What was your favorite storyline from the past seasons?

Honestly, I hadn’t watched much of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ before getting cast. I was too young to be allowed to watch when it first came out, but I do remember sneaking in and watching a few scenes here and there when my parents would watch. However, I have had a chance to watch a bit now and I must say that the Danny and Izzy storyline stands out to me. I’m a sucker for a “love against all odds” storyline.

Lucas is having a massive storyline this season. How excited were you to find this out and to delve into it on set?

It’s fun because as actors on the show, our character’s storyline gets revealed to us piece by piece as we get each script throughout the filming schedule. We don’t really have an idea where our storyline will go when we start filming the season. So in a way, we get just as surprised by the events as our characters do. I’ve really enjoyed the journey Lucas has been on this season. We really get to see him come in to his own and stand up for himself. Sure, he could probably do it in a more graceful and caring way sometimes, but I think that’s all part of life and discovery. The flaws are also some of the most interesting aspects to play for me as an actor. Perfect can be boring.


What can the fans expect from the season finale, which always ends on a cliffhanger?

Without spoiling too much, I will say that in true ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fashion you’ll be left with some answers and a lot of questions. Let’s just say it won’t be an easy summer waiting for the next season to start.

With the strike impacting all TV shows this season, how have the initial over 20 episode plans have to adapt to the shortened season?

The writers definitely haven’t had it easy this season. But I must say they’ve done an incredible job as always to create compelling storylines for so many characters in just 10 episodes. They really know what they’re doing. Everyone from the crew and cast pulled together and did a tremendous job this season.

What would you personally like to see in the future for your character?

I would love to get to explore the family aspects of Lucas’s life more in the future, especially his dynamic with Amelia. They’re both very similar in many ways. I also feel like aunt and nephew relationships aren’t explored much on television, especially with them both working at the same place. I think it would be quite compelling.

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Being born in Barbados, you are very passionate about surfing. How did you develop an interest in acting and how did your acting career begin?

I always had a passion for acting, a lot of which I believe was inherited from my mum who was an actress. I always had a fascination with movies and what it would be like making them. I just never really got a chance to explore that passion until later because for most of my life, the career I was pursuing was playing professional football. I got scouted when I was young and moved to England so that took up all my focus. I then realised I couldn’t shake the itch of acting, so I quit football to move to NYC and pursue it.

What do you love the most about surfing, and do you have a favorite surfing destination?

I love anything that has to do with nature and especially the ocean. Surfing is a great way to connect to nature. There’s a sense of peace and groundedness that you get when you’re out there swimming in and amongst it all. As far as destination wise, I like to go places where there isn’t much of a crowd so I’m going to keep the spots to myself. I’ll just say that Barbados has a lot of great surf.

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You are also very passionate about working towards slowing down global warming. Why is this cause so important to you and how do you participate in making it happen?

I think this kind of goes hand in hand with the love of nature. Our earth is so beautiful and we rely on it for everything. I can’t think of anything more important to take care of and protect. Also, I live on an island where the effects of global warming are very evident. We’ve seen many parts of our reefs die, beaches eroded and so many other changes to our landscape. I’m really only just getting started with figuring out how I can best help. Having a platform like this is still relatively new to me, but I just try to lend my voice to charities and projects I believe in, such as the Roofs to Reefs program in Barbados and Tree People in California.

What can you share with us about your other upcoming projects? What’s coming up next for you?

I’m not sure I’m allowed to share much, but I will say I’m very excited for what the future holds.

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