Interview by Jana Letonja

Australian actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo is making a significant impact by co-starring in the Disney+ series ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’, which premiered in August 2023. It was just confirmed that the second season of the series is in development.

Natasha, you are one of the stars in Disney+ series ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’. What do you find the most exciting about this project?

It’s my favourite project I’ve ever done, so there’s many things. But, if I had to choose, three
moments come to mind, igniting my lightsaber for the first time, working with real Droids and
getting to fly a spaceship.

In the series, you portray Sabine, a Mandalorian warrior and graffiti artist, Imperial Academy dropout, former bounty hunter and Ahsoka’s former apprentice with expert knowledge of weapons and explosive. How did you prepare for this role before you started filming?

I watched all of Rebels to firstly get a feel for the character and peer into her memory bank. It was so helpful to have that resource already made. Then I watched all the ‘Star Wars’ projects in chronological order to immerse myself in its tone. I love that they don’t take things too seriously, there’s always humour, even in dangerous situations, and that there’s also always hope. Finally, I did a lot of sword training, martial arts and even some cowboy-esque gun training.

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It was just announced that the second season is in development. What can the fans expect from the upcoming season?

Honestly, I’m just as excited to find out. I know Dave always plans epic, intricate stories, so I can’t

You’ve gotten to work alongside many big names in the industry so far. Who has inspired you the most creatively and why?

I did my first film with Michelle Yeoh when I was 19 and had never acted before. She was such an amazing first mentor to have, so many laughs on set, so many words of advice over dinners and in-between takes. Particularly as a fellow Asian actress navigating a changing Hollywood, having her guidance and her kindness was invaluable to me. It’s been the most wonderful thing to witness her career soar to even greater heights since then, particularly when she became the first Asian woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. She deserves it all.

Which project you’ve done so far felt like the biggest learning experience for you and how so?

Probably my first, because it was quite literally the first time I’d done acting and so of course everything about the on set experience was a first for me too. For me personally, it was also the first time I spent months away from home and began many years of constant travel. That job thrust me into the industry and really changed my life.

Then my most recent, which was ‘Ahsoka’, was such a unique learning experience as an actor in so many ways. The technology we used on set, the role itself and the world she’s in, the practical effects and the team involved were all the best of the best.

You’ve worked with quite some fashion houses in the past. What do you love the most about

I love exploring my identity through fashion. Surprising myself with different energies I can emit with clothing. The possibilities are pretty endless. Collaborating with other creatives is also really fun, like for red carpets or editorial. Ultimately, I think I love fashion most when feeling good in your day-to-day outfits isn’t about impressing anyone else, it’s another form of self care.

How would you describe your personal style? Do you maybe have a favorite current trend?  

My personal style has been through many different chapters, eras, whatever you want to call them. Right now, I’m really loving a rugged kind of workwear aesthetic. Maybe because I’m spending a lot of time working in the garden and being outdoors in general it’s almost leaked into my style.

You also have a black belt in taekwondo and training in Kenpō karate. What attracted you to martial arts amongst all sports?

I was a pretty angsty kid, so I got a lot of tension out with martial arts. I was also on some kind of mission to prove that I was just as strong as the boys, which was true until we all reached full size. I love that martial arts gives kids a place to let energy out while always remembering the importance of respect and discipline in the space. It was a really fundamental part of my adolescence.

Being born in Australia, what is your favorite thing about Australia? What do you miss the most about your homeland?

I could write a novel for this answer. I love the crazy bird sounds in the morning, the ocean rock pools, the slower pace of life. I grew up in Sydney aka Gadigal land and my childhood sounds and smells were things like sandstone cliffs under bare feet, the sweetest mangoes in the summer and a salty warm ocean breeze. Luckily, I don’t have to miss it all too much though. I happily disappear from the world and spend a few months back home every year.

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