interview by JANA LETONJA

Four-time Latin Grammy-nominated Puerto Rican rapper, singer and songwriter, Myke Towers’ career has been filled with chart-topping anthems that touch urban, alt-pop, afrobeat and reggaeton sounds. For his most recent single ‘ADIVINO’ he once again joined forces with Bad Bunny, toping the Latin charts.

How has growing up in Puerto Rico influenced your passion for music?

In Puerto Rico, music is everywhere. You can hear it in cars driving by, while you’re at the beach, in people’s homes while you’re walking around. Music is what moves the island. Where I come from, music is also what brings people together. I grew up surrounded by music and that’s what shaped my curiosity and passion for it.

Before becoming a recording artist yourself, who have always been your biggest musical influences and idols?

I always looked up to what I call my trifecta of rap, Jay-Z, Drake and Biggie Smalls. I look up to each one of them for their different rap styles. Once I became exposed to pop music, Michael Jackson is someone I admire for his versatility and creative vision. On the other hand, I also listened to a lot of salseros such as Gilberto Santarosa and Victor Manuelle or Puerto Rico’s finest reggaeton artists like Ñengo Flow and Tego Calderon. 

How do you look back on your career and its succeses so far, especially being honored with 4 Latin Grammy nominations?

My career is something that I work hard for. From the moment I started, I’ve always kept my head down focusing on my craft. With time, I’ve also found myself surrounded by the right people who have guided me to make the best decisions for my career. I’m always grateful for recognitions and awards, but my definition of a successful career in music is when fans and audiences all around the world recognize my music.  

What have been some of the absolute highlights in your career until today?

In 2022, I was planning my 2 biggest shows at El Choli in Puerto Rico. With the challenges of Hurricane Fiona, I never thought that the shows would play, but in the end we did make it work and it is one of my favorite moments of my entire career. 

You’ve gotten to work with many top artists in the industry. What do you love the most about collaborations with others?

They each bring their own sauce and I bring mine, and I love seeing how it all comes together.

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This April, you released your single ‘ADIVINO’, on which you worked with Bad Bunny for the third time. Tell us more about this song and what inspired it.

I respect Bad Bunny and his music a lot and we’ve worked together in the past, but we wanted to create a global anthem that represented both of our music styles. It came together very naturally and we wanted the song to represent the Puerto Rican flag all around the world. 

What has in your personal opinion contributed so massively to the popularity and huge success of Latin and Reggaeton music around the world?

Access to social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram in younger generations has led to music discovery and sparked interest in music genres that they might not otherwise have access to. I also think that the global music community has openly embraced Latin music in a very positive way. 

Being a music artists gives you an opportunity to travel the world all the time. What excites you the most about visiting new countries and exploring their cultures?

What excites me the most from visiting new countries is exploring the cities that I stay in by trying new restaurants. I also like to explore the night scene to understand what people are currently listening to and what type of music is playing at the clubs. However, what moves me the most is seeing how foreign audiences react to my music. 

When you are not recording or performing, how does a normal day off look like for you?

I start my mornings with a work out, whether that is going to the gym, boxing or going on a light jog. The rest of the day I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and son in Puerto Rico. I’m a night owl, so in the evenings I will most likely go to the studio. I am always making music.

What is coming up next for you this year? Are there any exciting performances you have planned for the Summer?

I just wrapped up a 17-date Europe tour that took me to many cities in Spain, Porto in Portugal, Amsterdam and Milan. For the first time, I will be playing a solo show in Bogotá now in August. Of course, there will be more music coming ahead of the US tour my team and I are currently planning, so stay tuned.

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