words by MARIA MOTA

Ballet was a big part of her youth, shaping her aesthetic palette in every sense. From the appreciation and aim for effortless and evident beauty to the fluidity and elegance in the movements, allowing its translation into her music and creative vision. Knowing that all her fundamentals are within her reach, Meyy lets her ambition carry her.

“I try to not let “failure”, whatever that means, scare me anymore.”
— Meyy

You moved from Brussels to London, which is a big change of scenery and overall  feeling. Why London? And how has it been, how has this change affected your life? 

My management and label are based in London, so I came here for writing sessions in the summer of 2021 and basically didn’t want to leave after that. I felt poured into the perfect mold. I felt so fuelled and focused, everything was about music creation and my project. It was only when I moved to London that there was space ( time wise and in my head) for my music to take up every part of my every day. Not only did it become evident how valuable music is to me, but now I can also feel it growing into its full potential every day. 

I feel like nobody comes to London to chill, because it’s way too expensive. Everybody is here on a certain mission I think. I can feel most of the people I’ve met here trying to build or sustain their ideal. That energy is contagious and  energizing on its own.

Who or what were your early passions and influences in or outside the music industry? 

School was always my main priority until I moved to London (so like 2 years ago). After high school I went straight to university at Delft University of Technology where I’m actually still studying Civil Engineering. It has definitely shaped the way I think or process/produce information and has therefore influenced my music as well. 

Next to that, I did ballet in a conservatory until I was 18.  Ballet has shaped my aesthetic palette in every sense. The appreciation and aim for effortless and evident beauty as well as the fluidity and elegance in the movements.

If you could go back to the beginning of your career, if you could have a conversation with your younger self, what would you say to them? 

I would reassure myself to trust the process. My biggest fear used to be not succeeding. But even though I have  outrageous ambitions and goals, I can confidently say that I am living my dream everyday (as in simply being able to make music and dedicate all my time to my project and craftsmanship) and therefore I have succeeded already.

I think in life there are 2 categories of matter: the fundamental things that will nourish your peace of mind and existence – like spending time with the people you love, making and feeling music – and then there’s also just things to pass the time  here on earth in the most fulfilling way – like having an album go platinum.

I’m ridiculously ambitious about my pass-time events but because I know that almost all of the fundamental  things are already within my reach, I try to not let “failure”, whatever that means, scare me anymore.

What motivates you to explore new beginnings? 

Everyday is a day to be conquered! A new adventure! I think it’s important to stay “open” at all times, to be curious and excited. To receive, to feel, to give, to resonate… Life really only happens in between your eyes, in your translation of the world around you. I try to find beauty in every diaphragm of that translation. To enlarge the good and accept the bad. It’s a conscious thing, it takes some time to sculpt it. But then there are certain things in life that can catalyze that beauty in a very efficient way. Like music, love, nature… Including those catalysers into my life also keeps me motivated.

What is next for you on a personal and professional level? 

Releasing my new EP ‘Digital Gloss’ this Spring and my first ever European headline tour from April 21st playing in dream venues like Paradiso in Amsterdam, the Botanique in Brussels, Berghain Kantine in  Berlin, Pop Up in Paris and The Outernet in London. I’ve been lucky enough to join Oscar And The Wolf, Angèle and Lolo Zouai on tour as support ast previously but it’s a different story when you have your own show and people buy tickets to come see you. I’m beyond excited and building a brand new show to present ‘Digital Gloss’ to a live audience. I also can’t wait for the  Summer festivals.

I can’t reveal all plans yet but I can tell that I’ll be playing at Paradise City and Latitude in the UK. I’m looking forward to seeing other acts there too. There’s a great vibe between artists backstage at festivals and it inspires me to connect with them.

What would you like to see coming to fruition in your life? 

Forever the same: eternal growth and peace of mind.

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