Harmony in Three, with CARTIER


Three enchanting ambassadors have been selected to celebrate the centenary of CARTIER’S Trinity collection. Tom Eerebout, a maestro in style, himself embodies the audacious spirit of the Trinity Rings. Metasebia Plantefève-Castryck, a ballet dancer, evokes the ethereal grace that characterises every delicate facet. And Esmay Wagemans, a sculptor of dreams, reflects the visionary artistry that creates the timeless allure of the Trinity Rings.

You are known as an established ballet dancer at a very young age, which is genuinely inspiring, especially to the younger generation of ballet enthusiasts. Could you share the overall motivation behind your success?

I started dancing at the age of 6 just as a hobby. Soon after, I started competing in national and international competitions, which became more serious. My teacher and parents saw my talent and motivated me to keep working hard. I also enjoyed dancing so much that I wanted to keep going. All these years of training were not always easy, but this has been something I wanted to do from a very young age, and I couldn’t be happier to see where I am now. I am motivated to keep working hard, grow, and inspire the younger generation.

Throughout a typical day of rehearsals and preparations, how do you maintain your momentum?

On a full day of rehearsals, it is essential to have some breaks in between where you can recharge your body. During the day, I try to eat healthily and fuel my body well to have the energy and total concentration needed for the rehearsals. Of course, laughing here and there also keeps me going. Recovery is significant, as it is crucial to start the next day fresh physically and mentally.

suit & bra MARC JACOBS
jewelry CARTIER

Your work at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet has been exquisite. How do you navigate challenges and setbacks in pursuit of your artistic goals?

As a dancer, it is normal for you to have a lot of challenges and setbacks. That’s when you must stay mentally strong and believe these challenges will only make you stronger. When I experience a particular challenge or setback, I always remember why I started dancing and love this art form. It is a feeling of freedom that is hard to describe with words, a feeling that keeps me going and that no one can take away from me.

Are there any exciting pieces currently in preparation for you?

At the moment we are performing a programme called ‘Dancing Dutch’. This program includes four pieces, and I will be dancing 2 out of four. They are all challenging and exciting in their own ways, and I am looking forward to the last couple of shows before our April holidays.

How do you approach fashion as a medium of experiencing and living your authentic self in your professional and private life?

I always try to stay authentic and get inspired wherever I go or by whoever I meet, whether through fashion or dance.

You are one of the three new ambassadors of Cartier’s Trinity collection. What was the main element that influenced you to pursue this collaboration?

It is an honour to be chosen as one of the three ambassadors for Cartier’s trinity collection. When I heard the news, I was more than excited to be part of this collaboration. I knew it would be a unique experience to work with a beautiful artistic group of people and contribute my creative input to this project.

As a ballet dancer, in which ways did you channel your creative inspiration through this exclusive collaboration?

It was nice to show my qualities and natural movements as a dancer on set, combining that with how to showcase the jewellery at its best.

Can you share any memorable moments or highlights from the campaign shoot or some behind-the-scenes?

The whole day was a highlight for me, from getting my make-up, nails and hair done to being dressed by the stylist. I also really enjoyed the shooting part since I got the freedom to move in a way that showed my artistic capabilities.

Ballet often embodies grace, elegance, and precision, much like the craftsmanship behind Cartier’s work. How do you see these parallels between your performance and the campaign’s visual storytelling?

The beautiful, elegant jewellery and my movement quality matched well on set. There was a lot of flow but enough precision to make the jewellery stand out.

How do you perceive the symbolic significance of the Trinity ring, and how does it resonate with your journey?

As this trinity ring symbolises love and friendship, I held on to these two strong emotions throughout my life journey. Being an adopted black girl in this world, let alone the ballet world, I have had to trust myself, my family and my friends around me. I trust that my courage is worthwhile and that my love for this art form is fundamental for myself and my community, as there might be another little black girl in ballet class who feels she might not belong.
I am grateful for all the people who have supported me throughout this journey.

black leather dress ESAU YORI
black leather gloves GANTERIE BOON
stockings WOLFORD x MUGLER
jewelry CARTIER

photographer DANIEL SARS
make-up artist ANH NGUYAEN
hair Stylist XIU YUN YU
photograph assistant TIMOTHY HOENSON