Interview by JANA LETONJA

Model, entrepreneur, and bonafide social media sensation Meredith Duxbury  solidified her status as her generation’s go-to tastemaker, effectively shaking up today’s worlds of fashion and beauty through her trendsetting looks, signature makeup artistry, product reviews and candid ‘Get Ready With Me’ content that also highlights her cutting-edge personal style. Last summer, she designed, developed and released her debut cosmetics collection with Morphe, ‘Morphe x Meredith Duxbury’.

Meredith, you are a multi-dimensional talent. How would you personally describe yourself and your work?
I would describe myself as a creative. I love things that allow me to bring my creative skills to life, such as makeup and fashion. My work is driven by my passion and my love for art. 

dress and earrings VALENTINO
shoes PRADA

As a model, you’ve made your runway debuts in Milan and Paris, walking for GCDS and Christian Cowan SS24 shows. How was the feeling of walking the runway, instead of seeing the show from the first row?
It was such a great experience because it allowed me to not only see the creative process firsthand, but also to experience the behind the scenes of how a production like a runway show is executed, including everything from the casting to the hair, makeup and fittings, etc. You also get to build a more personal relationship with the team and the designer, which I really appreciate. 

What makes you connect so deeply with fashion, and how do you build your relationships with the fashion brands?
Fashion to me is something that allows you to express your creativeness and turn it into art. I feel free with fashion, like there is no judgement or expectations. Building a relationship with a fashion brand is just like any other relationship or friendship. It should be very organic. I truly only put time into brands that I resonate with and feel a true connection to in some way. 

full look DIESEL

Besides fashion, you are also passionate about beauty and regularly collaborate with leading industry experts and artists, including with the creative visionary Charlotte Tilbury. What does the term beauty mean and represent to you?
Beauty to me is self-expression. There are no rules, you don’t need to color inside the lines. I like to break boundaries and discover new ideas that can inspire other people, and beauty lets me do that so seamlessly. 

What inspired you to create your own cosmetics collection, ‘Morphe x Meredith Duxbury’, together with Morphe last summer?
Morphe is very versatile in all their products and that really stood out to me. I felt that there was something for everyone. So when Morphe came to me and said that they would allow me to create a cosmetics collection with any products I wanted, I felt that they trusted my vision and my creative path. I had full creative freedom in developing my collection and that really meant a lot to me. 

Your social media presence immensely grew in 2021 when you created the mesmerizing, mega-viral #FoundationChallenge featuring Nicki Minaj’s song ‘I’m Legit’. How surprised were you when the challenge went viral and became so popular? What inspired the idea for it?
I was very surprised. The foundation technique was something I had done my whole life and it wasn’t created for the viral effect that it began to have on people. It truly was something that just worked for me and my makeup routine. I also have a love for hip hop, rap and R&B, so I just put two things I loved together, beauty and music, and it ended up becoming a viral sensation. I always inspire people to go into everything with passion and love and that’s when it will create something great. 

full look PRADA

How do you personally deal with the pressures of social media and being in the public eye?
For me, as long as I’m happy with my life and my work, that’s all that matters. At the end of the day, we live our lives for ourselves, not for other people, so why put any time or energy into something that doesn’t serve you.

You are also an advocate for mental health and wellness. How important are mental health and wellness in your life, and why should they be an important part of each individual’s life?
Mental health and wellness are the most important things in my life. If those are not prioritized, then everything else will fall out of line as well. We need to be kind to our bodies and mind and be easy on ourselves. Be forgiving to your body. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and forget to realize how amazing we are doing. 

What are some of the exciting, upcoming projects you’re currently working on and we can expect to see soon?
I’m actually working on something special that people might not expect from me, which is why I’m really excited to share this new project when it’s ready. I’m hoping to share more of my personality and identity through a new medium and I think it will bond me even closer with my followers and community. 

full look PRADA

photography and art direction ALEJANDRA LOAIZA
styling and art direction ALIYAH SEMILLANO
make up BENJAMIN PUCKEY at The Wall Group
hair ANDREW DYLAN at The Only Agency
photography assistant NICOLAS RODRIGUEZ
styling assistant BORIS TARDY
retouching ALINA EFIMOVA
interview JANA LETONJA
special thanks to EMC PARIS