In conversation with Matthew Noszka

Matthew Noszka was discovered by a leading New York model management company In 2014. He rapidly became one of the most sought-after models, catching the attention of several major fashion designers. Following that, Noszka made his acting debut in 2017 as the lead in “Tales,” a BET drama series. Later, he appeared in FOX TV’s “Star” and Netflix’s Christmas romantic comedy “Let it Snow.” We talk about his career, family and future aspirations.

How is your little Nova doing? 

Amazing! Can’t believe it’s already been a year, she is running around the house and getting into trouble already. I definitely have my hands full! 

What’s it like juggling career and having a baby?

Nova was a pandemic baby, so work was really slow and we got to spend a ton of time at home with her. Recently work has picked back up and I’m starting to really see the affects of being a dad and working full time. Nothing I can’t handle. I am grateful to have tons of support around me and that makes life a lot easier! 

Can you tell us a little bit more about your app?

My app is an all-inclusive lifestyle tool. Meal plans, workouts, life hacks, wellness tips and more! Everything you need to get you started and keep you on track to being your best and healthiest self, check it out

How was the transition like from being a model to becoming an actor? 

I believe modeling is a form of acting, just without words. You have to portray images of individuals you may not necessarily be familiar with. So transitioning wasn’t as hard as jumping in in front of a camera with no experience. 

Do you remember your first encounter with acting

During my freshman in college, I took an acting class at Point Park University. It was full of strange ice breakers and a some of my favorite monologues. At the time I picked scenes from movies I liked; Dear John was the first film I chose a monologue from. I had to recite it in front of my class and actually shocked my teacher. This was the first time I ever thought of maybe doing this long term. 

How’s your training for your new role going?

It’s intense. I’m battling a lot of life long injuries and it has become extremely costly. I go to physical therapy at least 4 times a week. Doctors checkups, supplements, massage treatments, acupuncture, chiropractors…you name it, I need it! All that being said, I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for the world. I am very excited to see how my hard work will pay off and hopefully leave a film behind that people love to watch forever! 

What’s the most exciting part about your new role?

I believe this is the first role I will get to branch out from who I am in real life. All my other roles were lots of fun and allowed me to get my feet wet in the acting world. This one is going to challenge me to become someone I am not and that EXCITES ME! 

Do you have any other plans you can already talk about?

I love real estate and plan on extending my portfolio with a new lake house rental property. As well as expanding my Los Angeles based Motorsport company 412 Motorsport. I also have a jewelry collaboration with Mayer Elliot launching this year, it’s been 3 years in the making and just coming together on great styles that can be worn daily or to dress up any look for all!

What advice would you give aspiring talents and actors? What advice could you have needed back then? 

Don’t take yourself to seriously. Have fun and enjoy the process. Nothing worth having happens overnight. Celebrate being alive and doing what you love. 

But most of all, invest in assets! Do not blow your money on things that depreciate. Research, make a plan and execute! 

Time is money and don’t let anyone waste yours, it’s the most precious thing in life. 

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Listen to your father. 

How has it been stepping out of college and becoming one of the top fashion talents?

It’s a blessing and I am so thankful for those that pushed me to be here and are on this journey with me! 


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