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Marlon Teixeira is one of the most successful brazilian models in the world. He’s been featured among the sexiest male models in the industry and on the ‘Top Icons Men’ list. In his rich career so far, he’s worked with many of the biggest brands in the fashion industry and is currently the face of Jimmy Choo Man’s fragrance.

Marlon, how did your career as a model begin?
Like a Cinderella story. After fighting cancer and growing up without my parents, fashion came into my life changing everything from day to night. I was just a 16 year-old boy from a small city when my agent Anderson from Brazil saw me in a restaurant and invited me to be a model. It was crazy for me at that time. 

After finishing school that year, I went to São Paulo to do a booking and on the same day, there was casting for 2 agencies in Europe. Without  speaking English at all, not even one word, I flew with a plane for the first time in my life, going to Europe for the men’s fashion week. On my first casting in Paris, I got booked with Christian Dior for their shows for the next 3 years. Then after shooting a campaign for Armani jeans and some other jobs, on my second season I became Dior’s face for their worldwide campaign. 

You’ve been featured among the sexiest male models in the industry. How does it make you feel being considered as one of the sexiest male models?
Today I’m very pround of the journey I made in fashion, seeing my process and realizing that even with beauty titles we are still being just human. It taught me that it doesn’t matter how the world sees you, what matters is how you see yourself. You must never forget to look at yourself and be kind and gentle to yourself, because everything you are searching for outside is inside of you already.

Being from Brazil, why do you think so many Brazilian models, both male and female, have such successful careers in modeling?
We are from a big, warm country with a mix of people, culture, beauty and a hard life too. I feel you can find everything in Brazil, especially good hearts and what shines from the inside out. Fashion for me was never only about beauty, but about something more. And I believe Brazilians have a lot of this, plus they shine from the soul.

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Who would you describe as your biggest idol and inspiration in the industry?
Gisele. She is the most incredible model I met in my life. Everybody knows how unbelievable professional she is, but seeing her light, her love and her kindness with everybody around her is just magical. She overflows with beauty from the soul.

You’ve worked with countless biggest brands in fashion. Is there one that stands out to you as the most special one, the one you connect with the most on their values and vision?
After all this time working in the industry, I feel like all the brands I worked with are a part of my life, they are a part of my history and they were super important on my path in life. But I think Dior is very special to me as it was my first brand. And Armani as I was working with them for such a long time.


Currently, you’re the face of Jimmy Choo Man’s fragrance. How did this partnership come about? What excites you the most about it?
It is such an honor be the Jimmy Choo man. Our partnership started around 8 years  ago and it seems the results are being very good as we keep ours relationship so strong after so many years.

Being in fashion and attending all major fashion weeks, what does fashion represent in your personal life? How would you describe your style?
Fashion made all my dreams come true. It became a big part of my life. Fashion for me is art and art is a cure. Somehow it is one of my ways to express myself to the world. My style is like me, simple with attitude and casual living in the summer.

Outside of fashion, what are some of your other passions and hobbies?
I love poetry. We see poetry in everything. More and more I fall in love with everything in this life. I have a passion for surfing and the sea since I was a kid. Yoga is shaping a lot my thoughts, lifestyle and life. And being a father is the best thing I have and my biggest passion today.

What are your dreams for the future of your career?
All I wish and ask for is to be healthy, in peace and comfortable with myself and others.

What can you tell us about your upcoming ventures?
2023 is being the best year of my life. I’m so excited for all the beautiful things that are coming out in 2024, in fashion and outside of fashion too. All I can say is I’m sure you guys are going to keep seeing me around in 2024.

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