Interview by Jana Letonja

Mark Vanderloo Jr. emerges from the shadow of his father, a successful Dutch model, to take center stage in the fashion world. He is the star of Massimo Dutti’s newest campaign ‘Play On Words’. 

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Mark, you’re following in the footsteps of your dad, a succesful model. How has watching his career impacted your own interest in modeling?

When I had my first ever shoot with my dad, I was a 8 or 9. It felt natural and I didn’t think about the camera, I was just having fun. I feel just the same when I work on a shoot now. I draw inspiration from him regarding the work ethic, but with modeling I’m just myself. 

Tell us more about your modeling career, from its beginnings until now.

I always had a shoot every few years, but modeling was not a big thing for me until last year. It was not the best time of my life, I was not enjoying school. Then I had my first show and it felt unreal to suddenly walk for Versace. Since then I knew this could be my favourite hobby and job. This year has been the most busy for me and I’ve been learning a lot all around, with modeling, having a girlfriend and working out frequently. 

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You are the star of Massimo Dutti’s newest campaign ‘Play On Words’. What does being the star of a campaign mean for you?

A few years ago I worked with Massimo Dutti as a kid with my dad. This time I was working as the only model and I enjoyed the experience of working on a campaign by myself. 

You’ve also walked in your first fashion shows recently. How nervous were you before walking the runway?

I was nervous before walking my first show, it was new to me. A few days before I was just playing some video games. When I walked in for the show rehearsal, I got a number that said 1. When I found out it meant opening the show I knew this was big. The runway was not a typical one, it had a route with many turns to remember. At the time of the show, I was so concentrated to see which turn I had to take that that was the only thing I could think about. 

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What feelings does walking down the runway evoke in you?

When I walk down the runway I’m always very focused, but at the same time I enjoy the music and I think about a positive feeling. 


How do you perceive fashion and what does it mean to you personally?

I have always been interested in fashion. As a little kid I was always wearing different styles of clothing, from very formal suits to oversized streetwear and gothic type clothing. In the future, I am looking forward to doing something with fashion design. 

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How would you describe your personal style?

I have had a lot of different styles, but now I wear mostly black and white minimalistic outfits. To me, the staple of my outfit is always a high quality jeans or shorts. Then I add a simple shirt and some hype sneakers. 

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What have you learnt watching your parents’ successful careers while growing up?

I have learnt that as a career I wanted to do something creative. And I’m still growing up, every year I learn a lot of new things and get new hobbies. 

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What would you define as your career goals in modeling and fashion for the future?

I would love to stay very busy with modeling, to work for many more brands, meet new people and visit more countries. I also would like to have my own clothing brand some day. 


When you’re not modeling, what do you love to do in your free time?

For me, it’s always necessary to train a lot in my free time to stay mentally healthy. I enjoy pushing myself doing calisthenics training and kickboxing. I try to use my phone as a learning tool instead of scrolling. Furthermore, I greatly enjoy eating nice food with my girlfriend and visiting different countries. 

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