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With over 25 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Maria Becerra is the leading female artist from Argentina. She has just garnered four nominations for the 24th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards 2023, receiving nods in multiple categories, including ‘Best Reggaeton Performance’ and ‘Song of the Year’. Maria is currently finishing her 2023 leg of the ‘La Nena de Argentina Tour’, which will continue in May 2024. She just released her latest single ‘Piscina’, a collaboration with award-winning Puerto Rican singer Chencho Corleone and the renowned music producer Ovy On The Drums.

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Maria, you began your career by uploding videos on social platforms. What made you passionate about music?

It was the only thing in my life that caught me on an emotional level. Music is the only thing that has fascinated me since I was a baby, the only thing that will never hurt me. I think the first time I fell in love with music was when I saw Whitney Houston singing at an awards show. I was glued to the TV, watching her with my mouth open over and over again. It gave me goosebumps without even knowing what goosebumps meant, but this time I had them and I identified what this was causing me. And from there, I never stopped. I was very excited about live performances, songs and music videos. It has always been a world that I loved. 

How would you describe your musical style and yourself as an artist?

As an artist, I describe myself as transparent and versatile. What I write in songs, the things I feel, personal experiences or those of people close to me, are things that I know what it feels like to witness or live through, and I like to write about this. About things I’ve really felt at some point. Also versatile because I like to do everything. I like to experiment with any type of genre. I like to set challenges for myself. I really enjoy learning and having knowledge about what I’m doing. 

Since breaking out about three years ago, you’ve collaborated with global artists like J Balvin, Camila Cabello, Becky G, Rauw Alejandro and most recently, Enrique Iglesias. What have you learned from these artists?

The most important thing I was taught to achieve success is to have a lot of consistency. They are all great artists who work with great professionalism, paying attention to every detail. They also control things and understand that they are where they are because of their hard work and responsibility. 

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This year, you composed ‘Te Cura’ exclusively for ‘Fast X’. How does it feel having your song in a film of one of the most popular film franchises ever?

The truth is, it was a great achievement. For the team and for the country as well, because I am a girl from Argentina who is in a Hollywood film from the United States that is seen and heard all over the world. So it was a great achievement honestly and I feel very happy and grateful for this. 

In June, you also surprised your fans with the release of Corazón Vacío, the highly anticipated track from your upcoming album. What can you share with us about this album?

The album has a specific concept. We created this concept and started to base the songs on it with this concept and aesthetic in mind. When ‘Corazón Vacio’ was made, this concept for the album was not yet established. You’ll have to wait and hear it yourself.

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Why is establishing emotional connections with your followers through music so important to you?

I think it’s important because it’s what happens to me and what happened to me with my favorite artists since I was little. I like that what you listen to makes you feel something. I remember when I was a fan of an artist, I would watch interviews of this artist. And when I couldn’t find interviews, I would get sad because I wanted to see what this artist, who I liked so much to listen to, was like in terms of speaking and expressing themselves. To see if they were like how I imagined them. That’s why I like to make songs about what happens to me and what I truly feel, because people can see what I am feeling. They can be a part of my life experiences as if I’m telling them through an open letter of my songs, my experiences and my emotions. It’s something that leaves you exposed, so to speak, and it seems like a unique way to open up. I want the relationship to be real, genuine and for people to know that what I am saying is true and that this is really me. 

You just garnered four nominations for the 24th edition of Latin Grammy Awards. What does this honor mean to you as a musician?

Having only a few years in my career and having 6 nominations in total at the Latin Grammys, including 4 this year, is something very huge, something I still can’t believe. I have a lot of respect for the academy and for all the artists who have been through it. Artists with whom I am sharing a category and really being part of those names honors me a lot because they are great artists.

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Your latest single ‘Piscina’, which you just released, is a lively track that invites listeners to dance to its rhythmic beat, evoking the carefree essence of summer. How would you describe this single and the collaboration with Chencho Corleone and the renowned producer Ovy On The Drums?

Just today, I was watching reactions to the song and I love what people say and what it generates in them. I also like that we released it for the Argentine summer because I feel that the people of my country are going to enjoy it a lot.The truth is, collaborating with Chencho and Ovy is an honor for me. Ovy is a producer whom I admire and respect a lot. I really like how he works. And Chencho, I have known him since PLANB, since I was very young, and one of my goals was to collaborate on a song with him, to have him drop a furious verse in one of my songs. And we achieved it, so I am super happy about this.

What can you share with us about your upcoming projects, besides new album being in the works and the continuation of ‘La Nena de Argentina Tour’ in 2024?

The ‘La Nena de Argentina’ tour is about to end. ‘The River’ show is a new beginning and I like to clarify this because people think that ‘The River’ is the end of the ‘La Nena de Argentina’ tour, but it’s not. ‘The River’ is a separate show, the beginning of a new era. You will see many new conceptual things and more at ‘The River’, so I feel that people are going to like it a lot. And then, there are many projects in mind and on the way, lots of new music and the new album.

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