Interview by Jana Letonja

Mexican actress, singer, songwriter and producer Maite Perroni has been part of many successful projects on streaming platforms, such as Netflix’s ‘Oscuro Deseowhich became the most watched series in Spanish language. Maite gained international fame in 2004 as a member of the Latin Grammy-nominated pop group RBD. In January, simultaneously on social media and at iconic locations in various cities in Mexico, the United States and Brazil, it was announced that RBD will embark on a major concert tour across US and LatinAmerica, which will start on 25 August in El Paso, Texas. The 30-show ‘Soy Rebelde Tour sold out within just 24 hours of ticket sales opening.

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Maite, you are about to embark on the highly anticipated ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’, which will mark the first RBD tour in 15 years. How did you guys make this decision, to reunite one more time and tour across the US and Latin America?

We’re absolutely thrilled to come together again. It all started last year during my wedding when the DJ played some RBD songs. Anahi, Cristopher and Christian approached me, singing along, and it created an unforgettable moment. From that night, everything fell into place and now we’re just a day away from reuniting once more.

How exciting was reuniting with your friends, whom you’ve created such success with? What makes this reunion even more so special?

Each day in rehearsals feels like a nostalgic journey to 2004, where we still embody the same energy and attitude, albeit with the profound changes that life has brought from 2004 to 2023. This reunion holds a special place in our hearts because at the end of our group’s initial run we didn’t have the opportunity to bid a proper farewell to our fans. This reunion is our way of expressing our gratitude for all the love and support they’ve given us.


Due to high demand you had to add additional shows to the tour. The tickets were sold out within 24 hours of sales opening. Did you anticipate such excitement from the fans? How does it feel to see the reactions from your loyal fanbase?

What a surprise. It’s truly incredible to have 55 shows sold out. After all these years since the band disbanded, it’s heartwarming to realize that our fans are still here, showing us so much love. RBD fans undoubtedly rank as the most devoted supporters any artist could hope for.

What can the fans expect from this tour? Will there be any surprises?

This show is going to overflow with fond memories, music, dancing and joyful moments. Can you count on surprises? Absolutely.

Are you maybe also thinking about extending the tour to Europe and other markets, where you also have quite big fanbases?

We would love to. The future is uncertain and anything can happen. We’re here and the unexpected reunion after all these years is something we never anticipated.

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During the 5 years RBD was active, you’ve released 9 studio albums. Which of the songs you released holds an emotional and deepest meaning to you personally?

‘Empezar Desde Cero’ holds a special place in my heart. When I recorded that song, I didn’t know it was going to be the first single of one of the albums. It marked my first solo single, making it incredibly meaningful to me and my fans who are aware of the significance of this song.

After the group disbanded in 2009, you all embarked on your separate paths. We’ve been able to watch you in many TV projects, most notably in Netflix’s ‘Oscuro Deseo’. What challenged you the most about this role? Were you happy with how the series ended?

Absolutely, I’m satisfied with the series’ conclusion. Naturally, my fans are expecting a third season, but I believe we’ve already conveyed everything we intended to. It’s remarkable how ‘Oscuro Deseo’ became the most-watched non-English Netflix show globally during that period. When you collaborate with a team that radiates positive energy on a project, it resonates with the audience. I believe the success of ‘Oscuro Deseo’ can be attributed to the fantastic team we formed. The role was very challenging because of the different layers. 

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With being both in music and acting industries, where do you feel the most at home? In what ways do acting and singing fulfill you?

I’ve always felt most at home in acting as it has been a constant presence in my life from the very start. During my time with RBD, I was fortunate to connect with people worldwide through music, transcending language barriers. Following RBD, I embarked on a solo music career, achieving Gold Discs. However, a few years ago I shifted my focus to acting and now I’m thrilled to see music making its way back into my life. 

This year, you welcomed your daughter. How has becoming a mom changed your outlook on life and your priorities? How do you balance work and being a new mom, especially now when you’ll be on ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’?

Becoming a mom this year has profoundly shifted my perspective on life and my priorities. It’s an enormous gift that I’m grateful for every day. There are moments when exhaustion sets in, yet there’s an inner force of love that keeps me awake, joyful and driven. It’s truly incredible to experience the immense love one can feel for a little baby like Lía. If you take a look at my phone, it’s overflowing with photos of her.

As for balancing work, especially with the upcoming ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’, I must admit I’m still figuring it out. Lía will be joining me on tour, but there’s an ongoing challenge to find that delicate equilibrium between being a devoted mom and fulfilling my commitments on the road. It’s a learning process and I’m fortunate to have a supportive team and loving fans who understand the unique challenges that come with this new chapter in my life.

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Maite, what are your plans for the future of your career? 

I plan to keep working and embracing each day with my family and precious baby. Additionally, I’ve developed an interest in exploring opportunities behind the scenes, perhaps venturing into the film industry. It’s an avenue I’m excited about and eager to explore as I continue to grow and evolve in the entertainment industry.


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