French artist MAGA is an internationally celebrated DJ & producer, and co-founder of the cutting-edge artist collective and record label, Scenarios, founded in April 2022. With an innovative approach, Scenarios has rapidly risen in the electronic music scene with their distinctive sound and immersive live performances. MAGA, alongside label mates Emanuel Satie and Sean Doron, now released “Sleepless,” the seventh and final offering of 2023, showcasing the collective’s evolution.

Recognized for their organic, ethereal, and experimental sound, Scenarios represents a new generation of artists who unite while maintaining individuality. MAGA’s diverse musical journey, shaped by living and travelling across various cities, contributes to the collective’s unique approach to production and performance. As “Sleepless” is a beautifully refined house cut, in this interview MAGA hints at an exciting future with Scenarios, emphasising the collective’s steady growth and anticipation for upcoming projects. We sat down with him to find out more.

What was the motivation and inspiration behind founding the Scenarios collective?

We started Scenarios to create a tight group that stays strong together. Our friendship isn’t just inside the studio; it defines us during our live shows and travels. We wanted that bond to last.

In addition to your many active years, how has the Scenarios collective influenced your personal musical journey and the development of your unique sound?

We’ve learned tons from each other. Everyone in the group brings something special. It’s like a mix of superpowers that helps us all get better at what we do.

What unique qualities does each member of Scenarios bring to the collaborative process?

Emanuel Satie brings this smooth melodic touch to our music. Sean Fire is all about getting that perfect groove, making you want to move. Tim Engelhardt nails our sound and takes care of all the mixing, making our music sound just right.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collaborative single, ‘Sleepless,’ with Emanuel Satie and Sean Doron?

Our inspiration for ‘Sleepless’ was simply to bring back the unique rhythm and vibe of classic house music. Nowadays, that essence is a bit rare, but it feels great to be part of a movement where many artists are rediscovering and reviving this style.

Indeed, ‘Sleepless’ is a beautifully refined house cut. What elements did you focus on to create this distinctive soundscape?

‘Sleepless’ has been incredible for us! It’s got this vibe that starts slow and then hits you with powerful piano moments. People seem to really connect with that old-school feeling it brings.

As MAGA you have explored different genres of sound over the last years, reflecting the cities in which you’ve lived and travelled to. How has this shaped your current approach to production and performance?

Living in South Africa for an extended period had a profound impact on me, both personally and artistically. The vibrant energy, rich cultural tapestry, and diverse music scene there influenced my perspective on life and music in ways I never imagined. It was a time of immense growth, where I absorbed the rhythms, the stories, and the soul of that incredible place.

Looking beyond your recent release, what is coming from you in the future? Any new projects you can talk about?

I’ve got a bunch of new tracks ready to go, and there are more in the works. But Scenarios is where my heart is. It’s growing steadily, and we’re excited about what’s coming next.