Interview by Marie-Pauline Cesari

To celebrate the launch of the Miista AW23 collection entitled ‘Transformiistas’, we had the privilege of engaging in a delightful conversation with Luna Freddie, one of the talents featured in the campaign. Luna splits her time between Amsterdam, London, and various other locations. When she’s not modeling, she’s an entrepreneur, running Tree of Saba, where she creates organic Sea Moss and Shea Butter using ingredients imported from the Caribbean.

Hello Luna! Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your passions in life?

I’m Luna. I’m a model and co-owner of Tree of Saba. I also work at Patta. I love creating and expressing myself without any limitations. I enjoy creating editorial work. Earlier this year, I had my first acting job, and I loved it. There are so many things I still want to do. Perhaps that’s why I also engage in various activities. I want to delve deeper into my knowledge of holistic health. I have some self-study plant medicine at home, but I haven’t started yet

You are one of the talents casted in Miista’s latest campaign for the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection. How and when did you discover the brand, and what drew you to this brand?

I think I first came across Miista on Instagram a few years ago. It wasn’t very well-known in Amsterdam at the time. I had the opportunity to meet some of the Miista team in Amsterdam during a pop-up event, and we’ve continued to stay in touch here in London, where I’ve been living since earlier this year. I’m particularly drawn to their unique square silhouettes and shapes.

Could you share your favorite model or piece from this new collection and tell us why you love it?

I’m absolutely in love with the lace outfit I was wearing. It’s something I’d definitely wear in my everyday life too. I enjoy showing some skin, and the great thing about this outfit is that you can also layer it

The Autumn-Winter 2023 collection takes inspiration from photographer Madalena Schwartz and the underground artists of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Does this theme resonate with your personal identity and style?

Madalena Schwartz’s work is incredible. It has a raw, documentary feel, and the way she captures emotions in people makes her work even more powerful. While I draw inspiration from past eras like the 60s, 70s, and 80s, I’m not particularly tied to a specific timeline when it comes to style.

The collection and campaign celebrate transformation, identity, community, and especially non-conformity. How did the campaign shoot go and how do you think this collection represents these topics, and what message does it convey?

The campaign shoot went really well. I already knew Fernanda from modeling, so shooting with her felt quite comfortable. She also casted us, and everyone was vibing with each other. It felt like we already knew each other, and I would definitely hang out with them again if I ever go back to Barcelona. The sense of community was genuine, I’d say. We also started the first part of the shoot at Amanda’s house, which added a personal touch to the experience.

There were no strict cues or guidelines to follow during the shoot. I believe that gave us the freedom to fully express ourselves.

How does this align with your own values and sense of style?

I would say that my personal values and sense of style have no bounds. I’m truly free when it comes to expressing myself. The only times I feel constrained are when I get caught up in my own thoughts or worry too much about other people’s opinions. My community is incredibly important to me because we support each other in our growth and self-expression. Living in London is great because I feel people here are much more expressive in their style compared to Amsterdam, where I grew up.

Could you tell us more about your brand, Tree of Saba, and its inspiration from your Caribbean roots?

Tree of Saba is a company co-owned by Keanni and me, where we create and sell organic and wildcrafted health and beauty products such as Sea Moss and Whipped Shea Butter. Saba, a small Caribbean Island, is where our grandparents were born, and it serves as both an homage to our roots and the inspiration behind what we do.

Our brand is rooted in the simplicity of island life, embracing the philosophy that ‘less is more.’ We believe many aches and pains can be alleviated with natural and herbal remedies. Our mission is to share the wisdom passed down to us by our elders.

Miista’s campaign video depicts the ritual of young women getting ready for a night out at a club. It intimately captures the excitement and final makeup touches. Does this resemble your pre-night-out ritual? What would be the best post-night-out ritual, and what would be the ideal skincare routine?

Yes, that’s exactly how it can be sometimes. I really enjoy being a girl. I love the process of getting ready with my roommate, who is also a close friend. We start with a little pre-drink, play some music in the background, and help each other choose what to wear. Sometimes she even helps with my hair. I cherish how nurturing these rituals are, and they can be even more enjoyable than going out.

As for my skincare routine, it’s quite simple, to be honest. I use a cleanser, toner, hyaluronic acid, day cream, and SPF. During winter nights, I’ll add some Whipped Shea Butter, and occasionally, I use retinol, though I’m not very consistent with it. Lately, I’ve been really into using my guasha tool.

What are your future plans and aspirations for Tree of Saba, and how do you hope your brand will impact the beauty industry?

Basically, I want to return to my roots. I dream of opening a farm on Saba, establishing a juice bar in Curaçao, and engaging in the wildcrafting and harvesting of Sea Moss on St. Lucia. Moreover, I aspire to launch the brand successfully in London and eventually worldwide. Most importantly, I want to approach this brand ownership journey with patience and gentleness. Keanni, my co-founder, and I are relatively new to this business, and we’re navigating this journey together.