Interview by Jana Letonja

German actor Louis Hofmann is a magnetic rising talent with an already impressive body of work, continuing to make his mark on the big and small screens. He can be currently seen leading Netflix’s highly anticipated limited series ‘All the Light We Cannot See’ based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name by Anthony Doerr. He will also be seen in Apple TV+’s series ‘Masters of the Air’, produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, and in ‘Monstrous Beauty’, a period drama directed by Romola Garai.

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Louis, how did you develop passion for acting? Has it always been something you wanted to do?

It’s definitely something that I was passionate about from an early age on. When I was 11, I more or less forced my parents to sign me up somewhere so I could act. That was after I’d been in front of the camera for 2 years, testing leisure offers for a local TV channel. The way someone that was also part of the team of us presenters spoke about her job as an actor had me very intrigued and inspired. 

What is the most exciting thing about acting for you?

I guess I really enjoy diving into worlds and circumstances that I would usually have no interference with. Personally, I don’t think I’m very good at intellectually explaining things to anyone and that’s probably why it makes me so happy being able to make people understand certain stories and feelings through my work.

What kind of characters challenge and excite you the most to portray?

For a long time, it was the troubled characters that excited me and challenged me the most. The struggling ones, the ones that are tortured even. But recently, I’ve been drawn to characters that carry a little bit more of myself in them. More light, more lust for life, less saddened and more life affirming. I’m not really that introverted and in hindsight, it’s interesting to see that so many of my characters have carried such a huge amount of guilt and even sadness about their guilt. I couldn’t be more grateful for the characters I’ve been allowed to play, but I’m keen to explore more extroverted characters,  which, even though they are closer to my own being, definitely challenge me.

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How would you describe your development as an actor so far? And how would you like to develop even further?

Not having any professional training, all of my projects from an early age on were about soaking things up as much as possible. And that’s what I thoroughly enjoyed and still enjoy. It’s not just about acting itself, but also about everything that surrounds my job on a film set. I’ve always been interested in the camera, lighting, directing, production andlogistics of shooting a film, so my career has been an ongoing learning process as it probably is for anyone. I’d like to stay that curious and see wherever that takes me. 

Before getting an opportunity to star in international productions, you starred in many German films and series. How did you career develop outside of your home country?

I suppose that dream of working internationally is one to develop very naturally as a young actor. It’s easy to dream of working with the people you look up to, so that’s always been not only a dream, but a goal for me. And I was so lucky being given the opportunities I’ve had, like working with Martin Zandvliet and Baran Bo Odar, who worked on projects that reached and touched an audience worldwide. On top of that, I started spending some time in London, started working on my British accent, putting the work in and just doing everything I could to make that path of an international career a little easier to walk. Now, a few years later, I am based in London and able to do a proper English accent.


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For your work, you’ve received quite many awards in Germany. What do you consider the biggest reward for your work?

The work itself. It makes me so happy. 

When you are not filming, how do you love spending your time?

Painting, DJing, skateboarding, going out, staying in, vintage shopping and park hopping. I also started going to many small pub gigs in London. It’s incredible how many fantastic bands are out there.

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Tell us one thing about you, that we might not know and would surprise us about you.

My guilty pleasure is watching dating shows. 

How do you feel about fashion? What role does it represent in your life?

I feel severely stressed about fashion cause it’s something so hard to keep up with. It’s kind of like the endless possibilities of finding new music. I’m never really satisfied. But on the other hand, it’s something I very much enjoy turning my attention to, finding new clothes, finding new ways to combine them. It definitely makes me happy. And I’d say I’m heavily inspired by what bands wear that I admire.   

Louis, what are your goals for the future of your career?

To never lose my curiosity.

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