Lomijoh is a singer, songwriter and producer from Cameroon, France and Belgium. She dropped her debut Pop/Soul/R&B single ‘Don’t let it go’, which has been rewarded as ‘Best first time Director music video’ by IMVA.  Her next single, a French song called ‘Choix’ is planned to be released in February. Next year, she’ll also go on tour around France.

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Lomijoh, tell us more about how your love for music developed?

My love for music has developed at a very young age. My parents were always listening to music and I was always the first to go in front of the TV and watch video clips and learned any choreography that I could. I knew every possible lyrics of the songs. Then I watched Alicia Keys’  video for ‘Fallin” and said to my mom that I wanted to play piano like her. I was around 7 years old. 

You started taking piano lessons at the age of 8. Why was and is playing piano such a special experience for you?

For me, playing piano was always special due to the story I told you. It was an upper level for me to understand music more. It helped me to know how to create music. I started to write and compose at this age, but most of the time that was silly songs about my family.

When you were 10, you decided to be fully committed to tennis and entered a pro career. You were ranked in the top 10 until you decided to stop playing at 16. What do you love the most about tennis and why did you decide to stop playing it professionally?

What I liked the most about tennis was that I always had to surpass myself in any circumstances, mentally and physically. I discovered a strength in me that builds my character. Unfortunately, I had to stop because of an injury. And the environment with my team was awful, so I had to remove myself cause I almost lost my passion for this sport.

You also did some modeling? How would you describe your memories of these times in your life?

That was really interesting. I contacted one agency and it worked. I was like, if it’s a yes, it means it’s for me. It helped me to go deeper into the fashion world, to elaborate my critique sense in fashion. Through this experiences I gained a lot of confidence, especially to do my AD in my music videos, for exemple the last that I directed called ‘Avec toi’. I worked with so many incredible people, so you learn quickly and you develop your own style. 

You want your universe to look like you, to reflect every layer of your personality, authenticity, uniqueness, originality and sensuality. What makes you ‘you’? What stands behind your authenticity, uniqueness, originality and sensuality?

My authenticity is my personality, I’m a 100. It means I will tell you if I love something or I don’t like it, but with experience I know now how to be diplomatic. 

As for uniqueness, I believe every human being has its own flavor. There is no two like me, nor like you. We ourselves have the power to be unique, original and to endlessly evolve. 

In your music you always combine your love for French and English, as music has no language barriers for you. What is the most special thing about music in your opinion? And why do you believe music should never have any barriers?

The most special thing in music for me is that sometimes you don’t understand lyrics of a song, but you still freaking love it cause you feel it deep in your soul. Music should never have barriers cause it’s made to share with people so many different emotions, no matter what the genre is, the language, the life context you are living in. That’s the power of music. 

If you had to describe your music with only five words, how would you describe it?

Dreamy, peaceful, sensual, light, love. 

Who would you describe as your biggest musical icon and inspiration?

Sade forever, again and again.

Next year, you’ll be going on tour around France. What are you most excited about this tour? What excites you the most about being on stage and interacting with your fans?

I can’t wait to be back on stage. This is where I’m the most happy, where my sprit is transcended with all kind of emotions. It’s very intense.

I love seeing people going to a concert. I admire them so much for supporting uprising artist like me. For me, it’s just crazy to think about it and it just melts my heart. I’m very honored by it. 

In the beginning of 2023, you’ll also be releasing your newest single ‘Choix’, which talks about love and sensual attraction. Tell us more about this song and the inspiration behind it.

‘Choix’ is coming in February. It’s a sexy song. I can say that it has double tenses in the lyrics. It’s two people that are basically magnets to each other. 

What’s next for you in your career, besides the upcoming tour?

Working on new music, on my own music label ‘Hendrickx Records’ and signing a new deal with a major one. Sharing love and hope and kindness to people. And working in fashion on some amazing projects. 

interview by JANA LETONJA

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