Locked Groove shares an exclusive mix for Numéro Netherlands: ”I found my love again for percussive, faster stuff and tried to include some old and new favorites. I was focussing on the flow – it’s a pretty good representation of what I’m feeling right now.”

You’re originally from Belgium and then moved to Berlin. In what way did those two places influence and shape your sound? 

My biggest influence in Belgium was probably working at the record store Wally’s Groove World when I was younger. Koenie – the owner- taught me so much about electronic music that I’m still processing it almost twenty years later haha. Berlin influenced me in a sense that it’s very easy to meet like minded people, so you are constantly exposed to new things – which does wonders for your creativity. 

How would you describe your sound in a few words? 

Fast paced, energetic, funky 

You moved to Sicily last year. What does your year 2023 look like, and what do you have planned so far?  

So far, it’s looking pretty busy. I’ve got a bunch of new EP’s coming out, more info about that soon 🙂 I’ve also started an event series with some friends here in Sicily. The first one will happen on April 8th so I’m very excited about that as well. 

Tell us about your mix. What were you focusing on the most?  

I focussed the most on the flow. I found my love again for percussive, faster stuff. So I tried to include some old and new favorites. It’s a pretty good representation of where I’m at in the studio but also my DJ sets at the moment. 

Slim Steve – Everybody talking (body mix)Locked Groove – Storm
Marco Bailey – Start it Up 
Player – 007 B1
Earwax – No Taste 
Noncompliant – More Than Surviving
Dj Savage -Left out
PA Presents – Zero P 
Player – Player 003 (Dj Bam Bam Remix) 
Earwax – Perception Units
Ø [Phase] – Wire
Inland – Namsan 
Andromatic – Exit