Lauren Mia, the multi-disciplinary musician and producer, is once again captivating the electronic music scene with her latest release, the 2-track EP ‘Spectral Reverie’. This new project, featuring the tracks ‘Fervor’ and ‘Frisson’, reflects her evolving sound and artistic vision. Known for her work in progressive house and melodic techno, Lauren Mia has rapidly ascended since she began her music production journey in 2016.

Following the success of her debut album ‘RE:BIRTH’ and its accompanying remix compilation, ‘Spectral Reverie’ further cements Lauren’s status as an independent artist to watch. The lead single ‘Frisson’ encapsulates the EP’s theme, evoking deep emotional responses through its intricate soundscapes, while ‘Fervor’ delivers a dynamic and immersive experience for the listener.

We sat down with Lauren Mia for an in-depth interview and delved into the creative process behind ‘Spectral Reverie’, her experiences as an independent artist, and the influences that shaped her unique sound.

Your EP ‘Spectral Reverie’ is set to release soon. Can you tell us more about the creative process behind the tracks ‘Frisson’ and ‘Fervor,’ and how they tie into the concept of the EP?

‘Frisson’ and ‘Fervor’ are both tracks that present a slight shift in my creative direction. It’s not so much a change, but rather an evolution of my sound. Maturity. I guess I feel my sound is maturing with due time and creative liberation. I am embracing and heading on this new chapter and decade of my life post my debut album release. It’s powerful, emotive, sexy, inspiring and uplifting.

How did the release of your debut album, ‘RE:BIRTH’, influence your decision to continue as an independent artist?

Honestly, putting out my debut album ‘RE:BIRTH’ independently was by far the most challenging yet most rewarding experience of my career to date. It was of course intimidating to independently release in itself, and for my first release to be an album, was very scary, at first. But, I remained resilient, pushed through, worked harder than I ever have, and was truly blown away by the success of my album. Within several months of its release, the album received over half a million streams, tons of radio play, support from platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Beatport, and loads of support from incredible producers of which I admire. So, I came to find out that I was right to think this was possible. That I can do it, because I did it with this album, and now I have the confidence to continue to independently release and allow myself the creative liberation to make whatever I want, however I want, and put it out exactly when I want it. Above all, I control how the release goes, and it alleviates so much worry and stress because I know and trust that I am going to give the release the love and attention it deserves for it to be a success, and that’s not always the case when releasing with other labels. I am extremely grateful that I am now able to independently release my music and hold the confidence for its success. 

What challenges and rewards have you encountered in maintaining your independence as an artist in a landscape dominated by major electronic music brands?

There is an immense amount of rewards and gratification around maintaining independence as an artist, especially as a female producer, songwriter, vocalist and performer. You earn respect. BUT the downfall is, there are a lot of promoters and agencies who prefer for you to be tied to a big label name because it helps sell tickets. I mean, I get it. It might be a strong way of pushing an artist or show, but it’s not the ONLY way. I do believe firmly that it is possible to develop yourself independently and reach the top. I’d like to think it’s still okay for independent artists to have affiliations or a release on another label here or there. But their name, their brand, and their music will stand on its own. 

You’ve mentioned the importance of healing and creating meaningful connections through your music. How do you infuse these elements into your sonic creations?

Healing IS about meaningful connection, especially with yourSELF. That’s the beauty of healing, it really is all about connection and self love. The most important relationship Is the one you have with yourself, so once you have a strong relationship with yourself, that will transcend to your relationships with others and of course, the things you do. In my case, that’s making music and performing. So I feel healing is an extremely significant part of my life, my approach to life. Healing to me means expansion, growth, forgiveness, love and inflection points. 

Can you describe the significance of your Saturn Return and how it influenced the themes and sound of ‘RE:BIRTH’?

My Saturn Return was my cosmic right of passage into adult-hood. A time of major growth and self realization. Defining and understanding who I am and how I want to show up in the world. It was a deeply challenging, yet also a beautiful experience. Change is painful in the beginning, messy in the middle, and beautiful at the end. Think of the caterpillar entering its cocoon. It’s in the dark, alone, entering the unknown. When it’s ready to break out, it has nothing but its own will and inner strength, But once it does, it spreads its wings for the first time and flies as a butterfly, spreading light and beauty everywhere it goes. I can say that my Saturn Return changed me for the better. I am grateful for the lessons, the loss, the grief, the love, the adventures, the pain, and the laughter. I wanted to write about those two and half years of my life, so each song was about a chapter during that time period. Each song holds a story, moments in time during my experience, recreating that and sharing that for others to relate to. Because at the end of the day, we are all human and we are all going to go through similar experiences, yet also unique to ourselves. For example, loss is inevitable. We are all going to lose people we love. That’s part of the human experience, and likely the most painful part of the human experience for most. But we are here to learn and grow through all types of experiences, ones which we may perceive to be good and bad. The whole album is written and presented in chronological order to my Saturn Return and my rebirth, my journey to the other side of it all. The sound of my album ‘RE:BIRTH’ is just me at my very core, the frequencies that my heart and soul are made of. 

Your music has roots in melodic techno and progressive house, but you also explore genres like hard techno and psytrance. How do you approach blending these different styles?

For me it’s less think, just do. I try not to over think what I am creating in the studio. I create what feels right in my heart and gut. That’s the feeling of initiation. When you can connect to yourself fully and trust your heart and your ear, the rest falls into place. I have a deep love for hard techno and psytrance and many other sub genres within electronic dance music, especially house, techno and trance. We have such a versatile and large amount of sub genres and I find beauty in most, if not all. For me, the frequencies of my heart transpire through my take on any of these genres. So it’s not so much about blending for me, it’s about bringing my energy and sonic essence and feeling in that moment, the story or energy I am trying to sonically illustrate, and then of course to the outside world it will then need to fit into one particular sub genre, which is versatile and changing. It’s all connected. My synthesis and sound design is all very similar no matter what sub genre the track I make fits into. 

Can you share the story behind your transition from Ear Porn Records to the label you plan to launch this October, Halcyon? What inspired the reimagination?

Well, right now, I am at an inflection point in my personal life. Not only did I enter a new decade of my life all while putting out my very first album which I worked towards for seven years, I am experiencing a lot of shifts in my personal life and also shifts within myself. Growth and maturity. I am growing and so are my perspectives and values. Halcyon conveys the more evolved version of myself, my sound, my essence, my label, and my VISION. What I want to share and bring to this world. Halcyon refers to a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful. I hope to bring more of that to our world throughout my time here.  

With Halcyon, you’re looking towards a future where you could curate concept events, and even work towards stage takeovers at major festivals. What is the environment you are envisioning for these Halcyon Events?

I have a really strong and enticing vision for the future of Halcyon, the label, the brand, and the events we will be putting on. One of the most important things that I have conveyed to my team about the environment where Halcyon events will take place is that it will be focused on an incredible yet intentional and focused lighting design and of course impeccable SOUND. We will strive to always have the best sound systems, and instead of focusing on visuals to create the experience, I intend to use the five main elements of our planet to create the experience for the attendees. EARTH, WATER, AIR, FIRE, SPACE. These elements will be in someway incorporated intentionally, metaphorically, and/or organically .

The ‘RE:BIRTH Remixes’ album features a diverse group of artists reimagining your work. How did you choose the collaborators, and what was it like hearing their interpretations?

I put a lot of intention into selecting the remixers for my ‘RE:BIRTH’ Album remix pack. But it wasn’t difficult for me to choose who. Intuitively I knew right away who I was ready to invite to work on my music. It’s a very intimate experience sharing my music with another artist. Essentially I am sharing every individual sound (some of which I made from scratch) and I am handing it over to them to do with it as they please. I was blown away by each and every interpretation. 

You’ve performed at some of the biggest festivals and alongside top talent in the electronic music scene. How have these experiences shaped your artistry?

Playing at these major festivals alongside some of the most known and respected artists in the industry has been nothing short of a dream come true. These experiences have fueled my soul, lit a fire in me, gratifying my hard work, passion, intention, and dedication to my craft. This all impacts my artistry and creativity because it’s pure inspiration. It’s like when you go to the gym, you work hard, you see results, which propels you to continue to go, to reach new heights and new goals. I can honestly say that I have come to a place in my career where I feel am able to enjoy the journey while also knowing where I am heading. I used to be so focused on the destination, I was missing out on my wins. Now I pay utmost attention to all my wins, everyday, big or small. Playing these major festivals or playing alongside these major names in the industry is just soul-fuel. It’s inspiration. It’s a reward, and it all bleeds into my creativity and sonic expressions. 

Looking ahead, what are your goals for your new EP and Halcyon, and your career as an independent artist over the next few years?

I intend for ‘Spectral Reverie’ to illustrate the evolution of the creative direction I am heading in. I am trying to embrace and maintain my sonic essence from the earlier stages of my career and intertwine it with the more mature and evolved version of my sound. Halcyon is in congruence with that. Halcyon is the new and evolved version of my record label that I started back in 2019. I’ve entered a new decade, and with that, I feel called for changes. Changes in sound, brand, and presence. It’s still me, but evolved, and in my opinion, better.