Interview by JANA LETONJA

English actor Kit Young was most recently seen starring as Jesper Fahey in the Netflix fantasy series ‘Shadow and Bone’. Next up, he will star in Netflix’s sports drama ‘The Beautiful Game’, which will be released on 29th March.

At the end of the month, we’ll be seeing you in Netflix’s sports drama ‘The Beautiful Game’, about a squad of English homeless footballers competing in Rome at the global annual football tournament, the Homeless World Cup. What can the viewers expect from the film and from your character?

‘The Beautiful Game’ is a story about the real Homeless World Cu, an organization which’s mission is to get rid of homelessness globally. The story follows the homeless England team as they attempt to win the cup in Rome. My character Cal is the intensely driven striker on the team. He’s got some struggles with alcohol addiction and hopes that through being part of a team he can turn his life around.

What captivated you the most about the story of this film, and what would you say is the lesson viewers will take away from it?

I really love the team spirit element of the film. It’s really about this group of people, who are isolated and shunned, coming together and finding community through football. I think audience will really attach to the characters themselves, their struggles, their hopes and dreams, and I think the audience will really root for everyone.

Fans best know you from your role as Jesper on Netflix’s fantasy series ‘Shadow and Bone’. What did this series mean to you personally and what did it mean for your career?

‘Shadow and Bone’ really changed my life. It was my first experience on the big stage so to speak. That level of exposure was a real eye opener. I was so fortunate to be a part of such an amazing team and to have the role I had, the most fun character I could have wished for. It’s really one of the great privileges of my career to date.

‘Shadow and Bone’ was cancelled after two successful seasons. What was the hardest thing about saying goodbye to your character Jesper and the cast and crew of the series?

It was a shame to hear about the cancellation of ‘Shadow and Bone’. I have such fond memories of that time. Although it’s sad to leave that show and that character behind, and to say goodbye to all the people I got to work with over that time, it still lives with me. It’s never goodbye, it’s see you later and a great launch pad to the next adventure.

If the series would’ve gotten a chance to return to our screens, what would you love to see happen in it next?

If we did get to continue, there were several more books to adapt, so those would be the obvious next step. But also, the show did go in its own direction at times, so the possibilities are endless. Jesper lives in my head as an unpredictable character, so I don’t want to speculate. I’d rather be surprised.


Before acting in TV and film, you’ve done quite some theater plays. What started your passion in acting and performing?

I started very young, and I guess at heart was always a performer. I was that kid who couldn’t stop dancing and singing and doing impressions. I think seeing a lot of film and theatre as a child had a great impact on me, but really, it’s as simple as stepping on stage for the first time. It became the thing I loved doing most.

How has theater prepared you for acting on screen?

I think the theater is the best preparation I could have asked for before going into screen acting. There’s a discipline required in theater that I think only helps when it comes to moving your skills to a different medium. The two have different demands, but I know going from theater to screen has been an easier transition for me rather than going the other way around. Theater has so much preparation involved that means I felt more comfortable about the trial and error nature of film.

What challenges you the most about acting on stage and acting on screen?

The great challenge with theater is being ready on time. It’s pretty linear. The audience will be here at this time and location. You have X number of weeks to prepare and be ready to do it all in order repeatedly. It’s very rewarding when it works. With TV and film, it’s like solving a jigsaw puzzle. You gradually have to build your character and arc across ever changing circumstances. It’s about stamina for both kinds of work, but the way you pace yourself and keep yourself focused is different.

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When you are not acting, what are your biggest passions in life?

When I’m not acting, my main love is music. Whether it’s playing the piano or listening to music, I find it settles me. It was actually a huge saving grace during Covid. I also like to try and listen to a new song every day.

What can you share with us about the projects you are currently working on and we’ll be able to see you in soon?

I’m currently shooting ‘Alien’ for FX in Thailand. I imagine it’ll be out in 2025, but that’s not yet known. We’re still relatively early in our shoot, but it’s really exciting to be part of a pre-existing franchise like ‘Alien’. It’s a very cool series.

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