For her new collaboration with maison Messika, Kendall Jenner looks back on the highlights from this exceptional shoot, and talks about about her passions and her vision of jewelry.

Valérie Messika envisaged this new campaign as a contemporary road movie where you appear as a mysterious and hypnotic Hollywood actress. What does this theme evoke to you, and how does jewelry play a part?

I love the idea of old Hollywood glamour – the glam and fashion during that time was so chic. I also have always had a love for vintage cars and have my own personal collection, so when I found out the theme of this new campaign, I was really excited to be a part of it. I think adding an iconic piece of jewelry to an outfit for an event, or even mixing and matching different colors and metals to create the perfect stack for an everyday feel, is such a crucial part of an overall look.

The campaign features an exceptional Pontiac with glossy bodywork and leather seats, set in the contrasting neutral backdrop of the desert. Here, the Artistic Director of the Maison pays tribute to your passion for old American cars. Can you tell us more about this passion: where does it come from and how do you feel when you are behind the wheel of one of your iconic classic cars?

I have always been drawn to vintage cars. My dad and I have always shared this love for cars and it’s such a special hobby to bond over and share together. When you live in Los Angeles you drive a lot, so I have been collecting cars for a while now. Collecting classic cars is one of my passions. Each of my vintage cars changes my mood in a very specific way – whether it’s feeling more feminine while driving one car, or cooler in another. I always feel really relaxed but empowered at the same time.

The campaign featured three strong tones: red, blue and purple. What did you think of the campaign exploring these contrasting, vibrant colors in the heart of the wild and earthy desert?

I think having these three vibrant colors in the campaign makes a great moment for the elegant pieces to stand out.

The raw desert is a contrast to the brilliance of the latex outfits, gold and diamond jewelry in the campaign. The avant-garde inspirations are abundant in the new campaign, seen through the High Jewelry breast-plates, cuff bracelets, second skin delicate jewels and XXL designs. What do you think of the mix in how the jewelry is styled?

The desert – matt, mineral and raw – contrasts perfectly with the brilliance of latex, gold and diamonds. The Pontiacs bring a retro-chic touch with their glossy colors, leather and velvet interior.
I love the mix of jewelry throughout the campaign. It is something I do with my own personal jewelry style, so it was very authentic for me and follows my aesthetic.

How does this campaign differ from your first in Saint-Tropez?

The first campaign was shot in France, which I have always loved visiting over the years, but shooting in California was so much personal for me, and close to my heart since I was born and raised here. I also have a strong tie to this campaign with vintage cars being included!

What did you think of the reaction to your first Messika campaign in Saint Tropez?
I loved seeing this campaign all over the world! It is so special to see the way everything came together. I think everyone was super happy with the way the campaign turned out. It was such a great experience working in Saint-Tropez with Valérie and the team.

Since working with Messika, has your personal style, tastes or relationship with jewelry changed in any way?
I have always admired Messika and it’s unique designs. I have definitely added more pieces into my personal jewelry collection since working with the Maison, but I have always loved completing my looks with a great piece of jewelry- whether it’s a pair of hoops, a stack of rings or a delicate diamond necklace, I always have a piece on me.

This is your second year being the face of Messika’s campaign, what made you want to continue this collaboration with Valérie Messika and the brand? Can you share any memories from the time your worked together?

I have always loved the iconic pieces of Messika, and working with Valérie and the Maison was such a great experience with the first campaign. I wanted to continue growing my relationship with the brand and exploring all of their new designs with a second campaign. A very sweet memory is when we spoke with Valérie’s daughters on set on Facetime. They are so cute! And we are both very close to our families.

What is your favorite Messika piece from the 2022/2023 collection?

My favorite is the statement Move Link necklace. It matches different outfits, depending on your mood. It can be worn shorter or longer which is also a nice touch.

You last shared with us your fondest memory related to jewelry. What is your newest one?
I love to continue evolving my style and exploring and supporting new brands, so anytime I am able to find a super cool piece to wear to a night out or big event I get excited.