Interview by Jana Letonja

Model Justin Eric Martin started his career with a Calvin Klein campaign, followed by a series of runway shows. Since then, he has been taking the fashion world by storm.

Justin, your modeling resume is a very rich one. How did it all begin? Where did your passion for fashion come from?

I got scouted in New York, just walking down the street. It was a few hours before I was planning to leave the city and some guy stops me and asks me to model, asks why not just stay in New York for a bit. That somebody was my now mother agent Gabriel and a few weeks after that I was flying to Milan to walk for Bottega Veneta.

You started your career with a Calvin Klein campaign. How has this set the tone for your career further on?

I’m not sure how that set the tone really, but with everything from that Calvin Klein campaign to the way I got my start in modeling and so many other crazy moments in my career, it’s been a whirlwind. I learned to not to be too attached to your expectations, but to be ready for the unexpected because anything can happen.

You’ve worked with many biggest fashion brands, like Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta, Balmain and Versace among others. Which is your favorite memory from your modeling career so far?

Honestly, the most memorable moments coming to mind right now are from shooting in beautiful new places, like São Paulo, Marrakech, Sicily, the south of France. I’ve always been so grateful that my career has allowed me to see as much as I’ve seen.

How would you describe your personal relationship with fashion?

My interest in fashion really comes and goes, but I like clothes with character, made with quality and meant to be used and loved.

What kind of thrill do you feel before walking a runway show?

It’s a weird mix of anxiousness and excitement. It’s shifted more to the excitement side over the years as I got used to walking runways.

During the pandemic, the whole world got halted so quickly that we all had to adapt to very different time in our lives. How did you experience all of this?

I actually didn’t walk any shows or really work at all during the pandemic. I was at home, between Canada and Los Angeles, taking a break from modeling and working on myself, spending time in nature.

What kind of changes do you think the fashion world has adapted in recent years? And for what kind of changes there is still room moving forward?

The industry definitely had to adapt to the online environment at an accelerated rate during the pandemic. Even now, the internet is still evolving and I think the industry will have to make room for some new voices and new brands emerging.

What are your biggest dreams and goals for the future of your career?

I have no idea what the future holds, but as always, I would love to work more with the brands I like personally and the photographers I admire.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

So many people inspire me on a daily basis, all in different areas of my life. To choose just one person for my whole life would be impossible. But one person who has inspired me lately is Dr Gabor Maté.

When you are not modeling, what are some of your other passions in life?

I try to read as much as I can every day, explore creative hobbies, spend time in the forests and the fields as much as I can and climb a mountain a few times a year.

Model: Justin Eric Martin @ Sight Management @justin.e.martin @sightmanagement
Photographer: JuanKR @juankr_ 
Stylist: Caterina Ospina @cateoniwiki
Groomer: Antonio Romero @antonioromeromakeup
Styling assistant: Ruben Cortes @ruwithoutpaul
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Editor: Timi Letonja @timiletonja
Cover design: Arthur Roeloffzen @arthurroeloffzen
Interview by Jana Letonja @janaletonja