Interview by Jana Letonja

Jonathan Daviss is an American actor who gained massive attention for his role in Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’, which returned with its third season this February and has already been renewed for the fourth season. Recently, he became the face of Armani Beauty, representing the new generation of talent for the iconic brand on a global level.

Jonathan, you star in Netflix’s highly popular series ‘Outer Banks’, which returned for its third season this February. How would you sum up everything that we were able to see in Season 3? How excited does it make you the series got renewed for fourth season?

Season 3 was a big one to say the least. It had crazy reveals and a lot of moments that fans have been waiting on.The finale was a bit of a conclusion to the OG treasure hunt they started in season 1. In a sense, they completed that quest and are living brand new lives at the end of the third season. I’m excited to see where the 4th season will take them after all that’s happened and can’t wait to get to work.

In the series, you portray Pope Heyward, the brains of the Pogues, the working-class locals. What would you want to see happen next for Pope, and what do you think the directors have in store for him?

I want to see how he handles the ending of the third season. Knowing this show, there will be another great call to adventure for the Pogues next season. If Pope is going to school now, would he even want to embark on another crazy treasure hunt? He also has a new relationship with Cleo. And not to mention, he still owes Rafe one for melting the cross. 

For Season 3, you have completely transformed your figure to get in shape. How did you go about this and how hard was the process?

A lot of training. Mostly weight work with my trainer Rhys. For cardio, I try to swim and play basketball whenever I can. I also changed up my diet, lots of smoothies and shakes. I’m definitely not perfect, but I work as hard as I can to be in the best shape possible for all the crazy stuff we do on this show. 

You love fashion. Why is fashion such a fascinating world?

I think it’s a form of visual expression we all can relate to. It’s a way to show the world who we are, what we care about and even our mood in the moment. It can be endlessly influential and sparking iconic trends seen around the world, while at the same time remaining intimately individualistic in how any piece of clothing can be your own, depending upon how you choose to style it. 

How has ‘Outer Banks’ influenced your own personal style?

The show tapped me into more beachy fashion I had never really worn before. Board shorts, an unbuttoned shirt and Birkenstocks all of sudden didn’t seem like such a crazy thing for me to wear in public.

Recently, you became the face of Armani Beauty, representing the new generation of talent for the brand. What makes you connect with Armani Beuty and what they represent as a brand?

Armani Beauty is known for using their brand to amplify the voices of young creatives. Whether it’s art, film or fashion,they remain at the forefront of culture. I’ve used Aqua Di Gio in particular since I was in high school, so it feels like a full circle moment for me. I am so honored to be a part of this amazing group.

As a representative of the younger generation in the business, how do you look on the importance of sustainability in fashion?

It’s key in ensuring this generation’s future, as well as the next. We need to start taking responsibility for our planet now. Putting more money into sustainability research, as well as advocating for bills that hold companies responsible for using renewable practices during manufacturing.  

You are an advocate for inclusivity. Why is this so important, especially in the acting industry?

As someone who was infatuated with TV and movies from a young age, I was directly influenced by those actors to pursue a career in the arts myself. Seeing a person who looked like me, shared some of my personality and maybe even my insecurities, made me feel like I was being acknowledged by the world. Everyone deserves to feel seen by one of the biggest industries on the planet. Not only that, but to be the focal point of stories told from new and interesting perspectives.

What are some of your other passions in life?

Even before acting, I’ve always had a passion for drawing. I used to sketch in class all the time. I would draw in every notebook in the house. It got to the point that I would know what page to go to find which notes just by the drawing I did on the top or bottom corner. Almost like a visual bookmark. 

Tell us more about your upcoming ventures. 

Ryan Coogler, Jordan Peele and Taika Waititi are definitely on the long list of directors I’d love to work with someday. Of course I’d love to keep working with Netflix, but A24, Sony, Warner Bros. and Disney are also all on my mind. 

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