interview by JANA LETONJA

Model and singer JingJing Han debuted her music career at the end of last year. Currently, she is working on her first EP, which she will release this September.

JingJing, you are currently working on your debut EP. Tell us more about it and what inspired it.

My EP is based on color, something that is our intuitive perception of the world. Each color contains different emotions and meanings. In the album, a colorful picture of the inner world is depicted through various musical colors. From passionate red to calm blue, from hopeful and vibrant green to mysterious purple, each piece represents a unique color and mood.

Courage is the theme that runs through the entire process. It is the power that surges up in our hearts when facing the various challenges and unknowns of life. The music in the album expresses how we muster the courage to overcome difficulties, embrace change, and showcase our most authentic selves on the path of pursuing ourselves.

How would you describe your music and how does it stand out in today’s world where we’re surrounded by so many different styles and musicians?

I feel that my music is like a unique radiance, shining in the world of diverse styles of music. It combines delicate and unique insights into life, telling inner stories with either lively or profound melodies. Every note is a sincere expression of oneself, not following the flow, and adhering to a unique personality and style. 

Among many musicians, my music can instantly hit the hearts of listeners with its precise capture of emotions. It may have an innovative rhythm pattern, breaking conventions while being incredibly harmonious. Perhaps it has a poetic and picturesque harmony arrangement, creating a captivating atmosphere. It is a fusion of respect for tradition and breakthroughs, innovating through inheritance, and demonstrating unprecedented charm using a unique musical language, carve out your own path in this complex sea of music, attracting those who pursue uniqueness and depth, and immersing them in it. I hope that the music can bring strength to my listeners, allowing them to find their innermost selves in my music. Together with them, I resonate with the most healing frequency band, feeling the fantasy and beauty of our own music world.

How did your music career begin? Have you always been drawn to exploring it professionally?

I began playing the piano at the age of four and so music has accompanied me for a very long time. I was meant to go on a path of being a pianist, but along the way, I was drawn to the power of voice and perhaps this is another way of expressing myself. And so, in high school, I started writing songs and creating my own music. 

Also being a model, how do you balance both careers at the same time?

Being a singer, it is important to focus on improving singing skills and creative abilities, ensuring high-quality rehearsals and recording. As a model, it is important to maintain a good figure and image, and invest energy in activities such as filming and runway shows. If you ask me about how I balance both careers, in terms of energy allocation wise, I think I tend to intertwine them both into my day as I believe both are ‘me’ and I need them both to be who I am. I think continuous learning is something crucial when developing along the way and so I often would throw myself into all sorts of things that would make me become stronger and better. 

How do fashion and music intertwine in your opinion?

I think music is a way of expressing fashion. At a cultural level, fashion and music often reflect the social trends and cultural atmosphere of a specific period. When I am shooting, I must have music on and it is such an energizer.

What do you love the most about the world of modeling and fashion itself?

In the modeling industry, I like the confidence and charm that models show on the runway. They can fully showcase the beauty of clothing through body language and facial expressions, and their powerful aura and infectious power are fascinating. Models also have the courage and creativity to constantly challenge themselves and break through style limitations, giving different styles of clothing a whole new life. In the fashion industry, I enjoy the endless creativity and imagination of fashion, which always brings eye-catching new designs and combinations. I greatly appreciate the bold use and clever combination of colors, materials, patterns and other elements in the fashion industry, which can create various fantastic and wonderful visual effects. At the same time, the cultural connotations and zeitgeist conveyed by the fashion industry are also very attractive, reflecting the changes in society and people’s attitudes.

How important is fashion in your life, and how do you describe your own style?

Fashion can be a way of self-expression, allowing us to showcase unique personalities and aesthetics through external clothing and attire. Fashion can enhance confidence. When we present ourselves with a satisfactory image, we feel better and face life more positively. It also has social attributes, helping us establish connections and resonance with others, and finding like-minded groups. At the same time, fashion also drives the development and evolution of culture, reflecting the characteristics and values of different eras. I tend to have a minimalist yet sophisticated style, emphasizing the texture and cutting of clothing. I enjoy using classic color combinations and occasionally adding unique design elements to showcase my personality. Pursuing a balance between comfort and fashion in the overall design, it can adapt to various life scenes and inadvertently reveal unique taste and temperament. I also enjoy drawing inspiration from different cultures and arts, integrating them into daily wear, and creating a style that is both integrated and unique.

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interview JANA LETONJA