Interview by Jana Letonja @janaletonja

Jay Alvarrez, a prominent American model and influencer, has captivated audiences worldwide with his magnetic presence and extraordinary experiences. With an impressive portfolio of modeling accomplishments, Jay has graced the campaigns of esteemed fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Armani and Bonds. Beyond his modeling carreer, Jay has emerged as a prominent content creator, leveraging digitalplatforms to share his exhilarating adventures in extreme sports and global travel.

Jay, you grew up in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Can you share with us a bit more about the experience of growinu up in such a tropical paradise?

Hawaii, my homeland, offers an experience that starkly diverges from the norm. What most overlook is that Hawaii’s soul is more intertwined with Polynesia than with the continental U.S., which leads to a profound cultural variance. An enchanting aspect of the island is its egalitarian spirit, regardless of one’s financial stature. The island’s bounties, like its pristine beaches, are accessible to all. It’s a place where societal constructs fade and we would all converge at the shorelines, rejoicing in the simplicity of life.

How has growing up in Hawaii impacted your adventurous spirit and inspired your storytelling?

Hawaii was a playground for extreme sports, a culture I was naturally immersed in. This early exposure dictated the trajectory of my interests and visions for the future. It endowed me with a blend of audacity, coupled with a profound reverence for the forces around me.

robe & shoes TOM FORD
underwear CALVIN KLEIN

full look TOM FORD

You are a model and have graced the campaigns of esteemed fashion houses, such as Calvin Klein, Armani and Bonds. How did you get into modeling in the first place?

Although modeling isn’t my primary passion, it’s offered a canvas for artistic expression. It’s a facet of my life that’s enabled me to intersect with diverse individuals and indulge in more creative pursuits.

How would you describe your relationship with fashion?

I maintain a minimalist approach to fashion. My sartorial choices lean towards neutrals and comfort-centric wear, aiming for a polished and streamlined aesthetic.

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denim jeans KENZO
shoes CDGS

full look MOSCHINO

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shorts TOM FORD

Which modeling moment stands out to you the most so far and why?

Collaborating with Uprising Productions remains a hallmark. The synergy with top-tier photographers and globally revered brands and individuals was unparalleled for me.

Beyond your modeling carreer, you have also emerged as a prominent content creator. On your digitalplatforms you share your exhilarating adventures in extreme sports and global travel. What is the most important thing for you in sharing with the world through social media?

Through my digital channels, my prime aim is to offer a window into a life teeming with adventure, hoping to kindle a spirit of bravery, audacity and relentless optimism in my audience.



You have quite a unique perspective on social media and digital landscape in general. Can you share it with us? What is the impact of social media on all of us in your opinion?

I perceive social media as a navigational compass, a digital persona facilitating connections with places and individuals otherwise out of reach. While its prowess in the commercial sphere is undeniable, it’s essential to remain vigilant and steer clear of its darker alleys.

You are very dedicated to environmental preservation. Why is this of such importance to you?

Without grandstanding, I believe in maintaining a harmonious balance with mother nature and ardently advocate for others to emulate this respect.

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How can we as individuals and also fashion industry contribute to that?

Although I might not be the oracle for environmental advice, inherent morality should guides us all towards beneficial choices for our planet.

Jay, what is coming up next to you? Any special dreams or goals for the future of your career?

My immediate horizon is steeped in introspection. I’m channeling my energies towards cherishing offline moments, especially with family, and truly immersing myself in the myriad experiences life extends.


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