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Grey Goose celebrated the launch of their new line of ultra-premium vodka Grey Goose Altius with a special night in Ibiza. An unforgettable evening celebrated in grand style, where luxury and sophistication were at the heart of the event. Soon to be available at exclusive Amsterdam clubs, Dutch enthusiasts will get to enjoy the remarkable smoothness of the beverage. Entrepreneur and It-girl Jaimie Vaes attended the dazzling night after recently made the island her home. Known for her impeccable style and vivacious personality, she shared her excitement about the Grey Goose Altius release, and how the product resonates with her sophisticated lifestyle and entrepreneurial spirit.

How did it feel to attend such a glamorous event in your new home town, Ibiza?

It felt really nice; it’s always lovely to attend events, especially in my new hometown. Especially for work, I travel back and forth to my original hometown, Amsterdam. So this time, I could stay home. And being able to attend as an ambassador made it even more special because I felt a bit proud and even more a part of the entire thing than usually when you attend events.

Grey Goose Altius has a unique flair. How do you see it fitting into the island’s chic party scene?

I think it’s a perfect fit. Ibiza caters to both a glamorous lifestyle and a more laid-back, hippy vibe. You can choose what suits you best. Personally, I love the more extravagant lifestyle, and considering this, I see Grey Goose Altius as a perfect asset to the island.

What was the vibe like at the launch party and the weekend? Any standout moments?

The vibe was really good; everyone had such good energy. International guests, really friendly and beautiful people. The event was organized very well by Grey Goose; you felt like you fell into a well-organized, luxurious, warm, and familiar bath. All their brand ambassadors seem to be such a good fit with the brand as everyone clicked with each other immediately. My favorite moment was the launch of Grey Goose Altius during lunch when Joe McCanta, the Global Head of Brand Experience, explained in depth all the thought and work that went into the production of the bottle and the journey of the brand. However the party at the beautiful villa was also immaculate and really resonated with the feeling you associate with a brand such as Grey Goose Altius, luxurious, enjoying the finer things in life, and really celebrating those key moments the best way you can.

You have a distinct fashion sense. Can you walk us through your outfit choices for the event?

On the first day when we had dinner at the beach, I chose a more beach chic look with a certain flair. A perfect matching silk caftan, with beautiful sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti. Not too much makeup, just glowy skin and a slicked-back bun. Perfect for the beach. For the launch lunch, I chose a beautiful black silk look with black sunglasses, a tiny Chanel bag, sophisticated but summery chic. And for the party, I went for black, as you can tell, my favorite color, but a more sparkly short black look.

Ibiza is known for its eclectic mix of people. Who at the event did you find most intriguing and why?

Naming one would be too hard. I think it’s the effect of bringing so many people together that makes it so interesting. They all had their own story to share; everyone was so creative in the way they expressed themselves and how they created their content. Overall, it was the crowd.

Which clubs on Ibiza would you recommend attending and why?

I have a few. The first one would be Club Chinois. That’s where we went after the villa party and where you can experience Grey Goose Altius in the best way possible. It’s chic, smaller, and intimate, has a great crowd, and you can really dress up. Another option would be DC10, more underground, rave-y but so much fun.

How do you balance your dynamic lifestyle between entrepreneurship and enjoying life on Ibiza?

Yes, haha, that’s called balance. I still have my phases in life to find the perfect balance, but I’m not sure if there is a perfect balance. Because I love to work, but I also love to enjoy life. I think it’s more about prioritizing what’s important when, and the moment you have that under control, you know when to balance what.

As a tastemaker, what’s your go-to cocktail with Grey Goose Altius?

Ooh, it’s best to drink it on the rocks, but my favorite cocktail with Grey Goose Original would be a Moscow Mule, and my secret addition to that is two drops of Tabasco. It sounds weird, but don’t knock it till you try it.

Celebrations are key in both personal and professional life. How do you incorporate Grey Goose Altius into these moments?

I’m an expert in celebrating life and occasions, I can tell you that much. Even when it’s something small, I just open my fridge and we make a few Moscow Mules. I think it’s so important to really stand still by the accomplishments you achieve in life and to really passionately cheers to these moments, which is something that I will always advocate for to do with friends and family. A perfect addition to these moments has always been and will always be is Grey Goose. Which is the reason why I’m so excited to be an ambassador for the brand.

Looking forward, what exciting plans do you have that involve Grey Goose Altius?

So we have Amsterdam Fashion Week coming up in September, during which Grey Goose Altius will host a fabulous party, which I will also be attending as a Brand Ambassador. Not spilling too many details yet… just hope you get yourself on the list by that time as it’s going to be an exceptionally stylish introduction of this luxury vodka to the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

This article was created in collaboration with Grey Goose and may include promotional content.

Enjoy, but drink with moderation. No alcohol under 18 years old.