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Spanish actor and model Ivan Lapadula is known for starring in Netflix’s ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea’ (A través del mar). He just reprised his role in the third installment, ‘Through My Window: Looking at You’ (A través de tu mirada), that was released on 23rd February.

Ivan, international audiences got to know you in the second installment of ‘Through the Window: Across the Sea’. What did landing this role mean for your career?
For me, getting this role in ‘Through the Sea’ was an opportunity to make myself known abroad. I want to explore different facets of cinema, leveraging my ability with various languages. Each country has its own cinematic style and I would love to immerse myself in each of them, from Italy and the UK to France. Who knows, maybe even Hollywood someday. Let’s hope so.

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You’ve gotten to reprise your role in this franchise in the recently released third film, ‘Through My Window: Looking at You’, which came out on 23rd February. Tell us more about your favorite moments and scenes from this latest installment.
Being able to visit so many places to shoot was incredible. In Barcelona, we filmed a scene at the Christmas market, where the respective couples meet. Gregory is very funny in that scene. The tough part was filming at 4:00 am. That’s unforgettable, staying focused at those hours is complicated.

In the films, you portray Gregory. What did you like the most about this character and this project as a whole?
I like his honesty. He’s very clear. He pursues what he wants and isn’t possessive. On the contrary, if he has something to lose, he loses it. He’s emotionally available. It was great to visit so many places. We filmed in many locations on the Costa Brava and Barcelona, the city where I lived for 5 years, allowing me to reconnect with many people I love.

Prior to landing a role on ‘Throough My Window’, you’ve starred in the series ‘Dos vidas’. How has it been portraying and developing a character for such a long period, in over 100 episodes?
It was 255 episodes and it was crazy to shoot so much. We did the series in 1 year. We shot from Monday to Friday, and the weekends were for studying. At first, I was very overwhelmed, but then you adapt to the rhythm and you even have time to go out and party. It was like getting a Master’s in acting, but in this case, they paid me. 

I learned a lot. In the end, there was no time for mistakes. We had 45 minutes to shoot each scene and the complicated ones an hour. That was the equivalent of 2 to 3 takes maximum. We changed clothes, went through the text with marks and movements, and then action. 2 takes later, I was running back to my dressing room to change for the next scene. We shot 12 sequences per day. I even did some days with 8 to 9. That day, breakfast was powerful. The first few months were tough with the level of study, there were too many scripts to learn. I wasn’t good at it, but then you adapt and do it normally. The body can handle whatever you throw at it.

How did your career in acting begin? Has acting always been a passion of yours?
When I was 12, I did theater for the first time at the socio-cultural center of my town, Peñíscola. I went with my friends and we had a great time. I’ve always wanted to be an actor, as far back as I can remember. I always said it around. At first, my family told me I should be a dentist or an astronaut, but then they saw that I was serious about it and here I am, slowly building a career that I want to last for many more years.

Before getting into acting, you’ve done some modeling. What do you enjoy the most about modeling?
While I was in university, I also worked at McDonald’s on weekends to save some money so I could become financially independent, and advertising was a way to make money. That’s how I got into one of the agencies that later offered me work as an actor. From the moment I stepped into that agency, I told them that what I wanted to do was act, I wanted to audition. At first, I suppose they saw me as a kid, but then I insisted so much and worked so hard that they had no choice but to put me to the test, and it worked out well. I really enjoy that fashion and modeling give you the opportunity to meet people and the possibility of wearing sometimes very strange clothes, that I wouldn’t wear myself, let’s you play.

How do you generally feel about fashion? Would you say you have a certain style or a favorite trend?
I don’t like fast fashion. I believe less is more, good quality and clothes that define you. I like vintage clothes and classics. I dress casually and quite oversized. I would like to try new things too, but I need someone to push me a little to take risks with clothing. I’m not very daring.

When you were 16, you moved to Argentina for 2 years. How has this experience impacted your life, and what made you return back to Spain?
Before going to Argentina and during my time there, it was very chaotic. My studies weren’t going well and it was one of the most complicated times of my life due to personal circumstances. Luckily, my family was there and I got to know them better. Despite everything, and I say this very seriously, I am very grateful for everything I learned and for meeting such incredible people who helped me a lot. I’d like to mention my dear friend Fausto and his family, whom I appreciate and love so much. I returned to Spain because the way of life in Argentina is very different. I was at an age where I wasn’t allowed to do many things, I was very limited and I didn’t have many opportunities there.

You love to be in the nature and also like to travel the world. Which countries do you want to visit next and why?
There are several places I want to go. I missed out on knowing many places in Argentina, such as Patagonia. It’s my dream to go see the whales. Then I also want to go to Mexico, Brazil and Japan. I think the first big trip I’ll take will be to Bali. I made a promise to a friend and I have to go with her. There, I have a friend who has a spiritual retreat, so we’ll go disconnect and reconnect with other things. 

What can you share with us about your upcoming projects that we’ll be able to see you in next?
In April, we’re premiering the series ‘Máxima,’ where I play Tiziano, the first love of the queen of the Netherlands. We filmed between Madrid and Amsterdam. Then we did a docu-fiction with the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf. It’s about an actor who receives a script where the protagonist has just had an accident and the doctor tells him that the trauma will leave him in a wheelchair. To prepare for the role, I have to research and interview a lot of players who will tell me about their personal experiences. It’s a project that I will carry with me forever. And currently, I’m in a project for Netflix called ‘Manual para Señoritas.’ 

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interview JANA LETONJA