Top model Imaan Hammam is the face of the new fragrance of JPG Maison ¨Scandal¨. The 24-year-old features in a series of photographs and videos, lensed by fashion photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch. Being well-known for her initial steps into modeling and by being scouted in our beloved Amsterdam, Imaan keeps surprising the public eye, especially by her scandalous looks and her devotion to her Morrocan- Egyptian cultural heritage.

1. What do you love the most about fashion? How do you make your voice heard in the fashion industry and what do you think is urgent to change?

I love how the fashion industry is becoming a space where people of all backgrounds are represented.  The industry is always growing and changing, for the better, I think. Inclusivity has given opportunities to a lot of people. More people are able to show up as simply themselves.

  1. Your mixed background and heritage is something that you have always been proud of. Who are your biggest influences? Also, who created the Imaan that we know today? 

All of the strong women in my family, especially my grandma and mom, are my biggest influences and role models. As Moroccan and Egyptian immigrants, I wasn’t sure what they would think about modeling, but they have always pushed me to go after my dream & work hard.

  1. Your modeling career started in Amsterdam. How do you connect with Amsterdam now and what does Amsterdam mean to you? Also, what do you do when you come to visit Amsterdam? 

I live in New York now, but Amsterdam will always be my first home. Being there, with my family, brings me the most peace.

  1. Close to the beginnings of your career, you still remember your first fashion show with Givenchy. Are there any emblematic moments of your career?

The GIVENCHY show was my very first show and back then I did not realize what was happening until the last minute before the start ..and I was opening the show!….Being featured on a cover or shooting a campaign is always a very big moment for me. To be able to represent girls that look like me in such a public way is of course a huge honor. 

  1. Are you always “a diva, sex bomb, cheerful and totally à la Gaultier”? What makes you feel the sexiest? Or is there also a side of Imaan that you would like the audience to know about?

Not always, that’s one side of me for sure. Embracing yourself and that your body is always sexy.  But I’m also very calm and chill. I love reading at home or being with my friends too.

  1. The collaboration with Scandal – JPG is something recent in your career. What does Scandal mean for you? On another level, what do you consider scandalous nowadays? You always voiced your opinion regarding controversial topics and injustices.

 For me, being scandalous is speaking up & being proud of who you are, of your background and beliefs. Voicing my opinion is very important to me and is a small way that I can make an impact.

  1. You became the global ambassador of a specific ONG that is fighting for woman’s rights. Which role do you think models have when searching for more equal, grounded opportunities for women? 

Being the global ambassador of She’s the First is a personal highlight for me. Speaking out for the equal rights of all women in this world is my passion.  As models in the public eye, we have the opportunity to lend a voice to issues that matter, and we should.

  1. Recently you had some time off social media. How is your relationship with social media now; especially as it is also one of your work?

Social media definitely helps with my work, but I also love connecting with girls from all over the world. I think we all need resets to clear our brains, but it is a great tool to connect. 

  1. Your collaboration with Frame for the launching of your limited edition collection is a clear example that you want to explore your entrepreneurial self. Are you currently working on a personal project? If not, would you like to?

I am very happy with my life right now and the work that I am doing. I am always growing and learning, so I guess we will see what the future holds!

interview ELENA LUPOIU @elena.dlupoiu