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Spanish actor Hugo Arbués knows what is absolute success thanks to his role as Apolo Hidalgo in Netflix’sfilm ‘Through My Window’ (‘A través de mi ventana’). Hugo will reprise his role as Apolo this June in the sequel ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea’.

Hugo, you got to taste huge success with Netflix’s ‘Through My Window’. What attracted you to the script of this film?

I was really attracted by the different plots, in which all the characters were immersed. I was really hooked by the story. Also the target audience, as until now I had never done any project that was aimed at a young audience. I also found it wonderful that it was the adaptation of a Wattpad novel because I used this platform for a long time when I was younger. So far, I think that in Spain a novel of this social network has never been transferred to the screen.

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This June, we’ll be albe to see you reprise your role of Apolo in the sequel ‘Through My Window: Across the Sea’. What can we expect to see in this sequel?

Just a few days ago, I had the pleasure of seeing the final result and I loved it. It is very nice to see the growth of a character, to whom I have dedicated so much work and love. The environment in which we shot this second film, La Costa Brava, seems magical to me and together with the work that we have done, I think we have managed to create a story that is a cocktail of emotions. I really could not take my eyes off the screen.


Tell us more about Apolo’s journey from the first film to the second one.

Even I was surprised by the change of my character in this second part. I see him much more mature and not to mention the physical change from the first to the second film. Let’s not forget that I have grown up at the same time as Apollo, since we are the same age.

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You started acting very young. What was behind that decision?

No more and no less than 3 years old, I put my little feet on a film set for the first time. All this is due to the great passion that my mother has for acting. I will always be grateful to her for having instilled in me this passion. I owe her everything.


Growing up, what kept you interested and passionate about it?

In interpretation, I always found my life engine, a safe space to develop myself. The fact of having been able to create many different characters since I was a child has opened the doors to get to know first hand different periods of history and different personalities that have been creating my own little by little.

I think that putting myself in the shoes of such different characters has helped me grow a lot as a person and to create my values based on knowledge.


What role so far had you portray someone and something the most out of your comfort zone?

I have had the pleasure of playing transsexual characters on two occasions. It helped me a lot to understand what these people suffer from such early ages. It is a complete horror not to feel that your body belongs to you and it is a reality that many people feel. It seemed like a big responsibility, but I felt very proud to have been able to create these characters. I think that in cinema and television there is space for everyone to feel identified and it has taken us a long time to put them in fiction. I think that cinema is education and the more these types of characters are captured on the screen, the faster the process of understanding, respecting and loving everyone equally.

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How do you feel about filming romantic scenes?

To tell you the truth, I don’t find them uncomfortable at all. I also think that nowadays many factors are taken care of and are valued when recording this type of scenes. For example, in this project we always had the coach for intimate scenes that made everything much easier. Surely, if you asked this question an actor or actress of another generation, he or she would answer you something totally different.

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Hugo, you’re also hugely involved with fashion. How does fashion make you feel? What do you love most about it?

Fashion, as well as cinema, literature, music, etc., is art with capital letters, and one of the most important since we all use it. What I like most about fashion is that it is a super clear form of expression. Through it we can know many things about a person. 

Fashion is becoming more and more inclusive, it doesn’t understand social classes or races or anything. We all have a place in it. I think it’s super nice that we all find our own style and we can express ourselves through it.

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You have quite a unique sense of fashion. What makes it so unique and how do you describe your style?

Since I was a child, I have always seen all the Fashion Weeks and I have always had many references because I have always been very interested. I think that through this knowledge that I have been forming since I was a child and the freedom that my parents have given me for everything, I have been able to create my own style, which I would not know how to define in one word. I just know that I enjoy it a lot and it makes me happy.

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With the sequel of ‘Through My Window’ coming to our screens soon, what’s next for you in your career?

If I’m honest, I never expect anything from any project. Whatever comes is welcome. In this profession, we have to prepare ourselves very well not to feel frustration. It is a very difficult industry. If you don’t expect anything from a project and something comes later, it will be very comforting. But if you expect something from a project and it doesn’t come, it will be a totally different feeling. I am very aware of what things cost because my father has always instilled in me that with effort, work and dedication everything can be achieved.

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