HĒIR is a London-based artist, raised in Italy. Also known as Patricia Manfield, she started her career in the fashion field, as model icon and embassador to many High-Fashion brands. She started building an audience on social media as an IT girl while finishing her studies at university and the hype around her mash-ups and covers was growing day by day. Her music career blosom over the years and now she became singer-songwriter, she traveled most of her childhood with her musician parents, so singing and songwriting have always been part of her life and on her DNA.

HĒIR launched her first Experimental EP ‘’Daddy Issues’’ in 2020 on all streaming services, supported by SONY MUSIC. HĒIR first single “ANYONE” is now available!

Can you tell us a bit more about you and what we can expect from you this year?

You can expect A LOT from me this year. I’m coming out with an entire music project, an EP in summer and I’m taking on acting as well. I’m fully focused on my craft, on pushing myself constantly and mostly I want to create the music I love. I’ve got a very specific art direction for the upcoming projects and I have never felt more creative.

So you are originally from Naples but lived most of your life in Milan and now you are living in London… which place do you feel most at home?

Naples is the place that has shaped me the most, it truly built my personality. Growing up in such a special yet misunderstood at times – place really makes you want to take over the world. Coming from Napoli comes with a sense of Immense Pride. London is the city that has given me the possibility to be myself, to dig deeper than deep and create an even better version of myself. I would say both are home for different reasons. In a weird way they’re very connected. Thinking about it now, I might have to say Naples is home otherwise I’ll have an argument with my mom.

You have been involved with Modeling and Fashion for a while now, you have been an ambassador and face for many brands, what do you make the most from this?

Fashion happened by pure chance, I was going to university in Milan and randomly went to a fashion show with a friend’s invite. I had no idea I would gain attention. I carry such love and respect for the industry and it’s yet another form of expression that completes my artistry.

Moving on to the music topic, because of your parent’s influence, music is in your DNA! How was this transition from fashion to the music world? Or it was always a mixed world for you?

My parents are classical musicians and that’s probably why I never thought I would do music in the first place. My parents made me aware it’s a tough industry and were sort of against it in a weird way. It influenced me for sure. But i would always still write songs and play instruments and sing.. even if it was for myself. When I started working in fashion my platform started growing and I started sharing music online and was pushed by my friends and supported by my fan base to start releasing songs. So that’s how it kind of happened. Music naturally took over everything, it’s like that first love you end up marrying.

Congrats on your first Experimental EP “Daddy Issues” in 2020 and for signing with Sony Music. You are one of the few Italian artists that produce music in English…  Why is that? Is it because of your international reach or your particular style?

Growing up my parents were traveling a lot and I was always in international schools and English was basically my first language. So it was only natural to me when I started writing for it to be in English, I had never sung in any other language. I’m also that annoying person that speaks Italian and English in the same sentence.

Your EP is inspired by Napoli, what is your inspiration behind this EP? Do you consider it as a showcase of your Italian roots? What else can you tell us about this release…

For this EP, all visuals will be filmed in Napoli with Neapolitan talent, the director.. the choreographer.. the dancers! All from Naples. I’m probably the only artist from Napoli releasing alt pop music in English and that really is an added value. My culture and my city are the pieces that completed the puzzle. I want to showcase the creativity, the contemporary art and how cool Napoli is. It’s not just pizza and mozzarella. There’s insane talent in my town. I’m very grateful for the production for the first video off the EP, “Anyone” out on Feb 25. The whole town pulled up. That’s home.

Since the covid started, our lives have changed and adapted to a new way…So how do you find balance nowadays? And what does this balance mean to you?

I’m sure it’s everybody’s story but the pandemic has really put things in perspective, I was far away from home and I had a constant fear for my family’s wellbeing. I couldn’t write music for about 6 months. My head just kept telling me.. what’s the point? I’m now back to wanting to get as much as I can from this life. This is the only life I get as Patricia, as Heir. And I intend on living it to the fullest. Balance for me is doing whatever makes you happy and letting go of perceptions. When the pandemic happened, nothing else really mattered but being alive. It was an eye-opener to stop caring about meaningless things and only prioritize what’s really close to my heart.

Author: Mariana Malheiro

Team credits:

Photography: Amy Peskett, assisted by Chloe Morton

Styling: Kirsty Stewart @ The Only Agency, assisted by Colin Zuill

Make up: Jacinta Spencer @ The Only Agency using Anastasia Beverley Hills & La Prarie

Hair: Brady Lea @ Premier Hair & Make up using hair by Sam McKnight

Production: Ruby May @ The Only AgencyWith thanks to @shangrilalondon