Héctor Oaks – one of Europe’s most exceptional techno artists from the underground. With an unpredictable and highly engaging style he mixes contemporary techno with selected tracks from the past of rave culture on vinyl only. The result is raw, straight and groovy techno.

A multi-faceted virtuoso mixing behind the decks for nearly half his life, Héctor also is a producer and label head of KAOS OAKS. For him it all started in the underground rave scene of Madrid and continued in Berlin, where he fully kicked off in the techno industry, becoming a distinct part and resident DJ of the iconic techno collective Herrensauna. But also internationally the name Héctor Oaks became indispensable – from his residency at Bassiani to major festival and club stages such as Dekmantel, Sónar, Neopop or Berghain. The whole industry is aware of Héctor’s talent that is instinct and affinity with techno’s sound, scene and crowd by always creating and connecting a distinct vibe and style.
In collaboration with Rotterdam’s techno stronghold Cultuurpodium Perron and visual production collective Sequencer Numéro NL sat together and had an insightful 31-question long Q&A session about “punk, records and sleepless nights…”

Creative direction Varya Shvetskova @varyabackagain
Production Nikita Kopots @chpts_
Text Thore Damwerth @thoredmw
Interview Varya Shvetskova and Thore Damwerth
DOP Мах Razmyslevich @CoverEra
Edit Мах Razmyslevich
Music Anton Maydanyuk @anton_maydanyuk
Assistant Dima Maydanyuk @dimamaydan