Harry Jowsey became a global sensation after rising to fame on the popular Netflix show ‘Too Hot to Handle’ in 2020. Featured among the likes of GQ, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Variety, he has quickly won the hearts of many around the globe with his comedic antics and classic charisma. In addition to his successful podcast ‘Tap In’ resuming soon for another season and current Spotify Live Show ‘Dating Harry Jowsey’, Harry has also expanded into acting, angel investing and entrepreneurial ventures, such as with the celeb-loved Dogpound gym. He also recently launched The Ritual – the freshly formulated, plant based and cruelty free candle line with angel numbers, specifically designed to help people elevate their energy and manifest their dreams. 

Harry, let’s start at the beginning. You became a global sensation after your stint on the first season of Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’. What made you decide to participate in a reality TV show? 

It was just the need and desire to entertain people and make people laugh. I have always been a bit of a class clown and thrived on giving people a bit of a show, so when I got this opportunity, I jumped at the chance to bring that entertainment to my family, friends and now to a much wider audience.

How did you feel when you realized what the concept of the show was? And how would you describe the experience in general?

When I was on the show, it was pretty obvious that I was fairly upset about it at that moment, but the whole show was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It was so much fun. It brought with it a whole rollercoaster of emotions, which looking back, I realize I have grown from.

Since the show, you’ve hosted an interactive show on Spotify, ‘Dating Harry Jowsey’. What were the most memorable questions and advices from the show?

That show was so much fun because we kept getting all these regulars that came on each week and kept sharing updates from their dating lives, the good, the bad and most definitely sometimes, the ugly. We’ve all been there. There was a girl who in particular stood out as she would share her weekend escapades, like hooking up with her boss or boss’s friend to what happened at a festival. We saw her through to the end when she started seeing someone that she ended up falling in love with, so we saw it full cycle, the evolution of her, as it were. Kind of special to see her growth and journey throughout. I loved seeing the beautiful community we had built online.     

Simultaneously, you also did your podcast ‘Tap In’, where no topic is taboo. The podcast will soon be returning. What can we expect from the new season?

I am so excited because the time off I’ve had has given me the opportunity to meet and nurture relationships with a lot of really interesting people and I am so excited to get back to it with a better structure, better content for my audience and bigger and better guests to help make it more exciting and fun. Stay tuned.

Your life has been really busy after you won the hearts of many around the globe. One of your latest endeavors includes you signing with William Morris Endeavors (WME) to pursue acting. Tell us more about this exciting chapter in your life. Is acting something that has been on your radar for a longer time?

So grateful to be signed with WME and be able to expand my team, making it bigger and better. I just love entertainment and acting definitely falls into that category. I want to make funny movies, pursue comedy and entertain as many people as I can. Signing with WME is the perfect next step to make that dream a reality. I used to take acting classes as a kid and my brother was in a lot of musical theater growing up, so it was always something that I was around and interested me. Now I finally get to make a real go of it. 

Recently, you also dipped into the business world and as an official angel investor have sights on investing in more than 10 companies with 10+ million dollars in seed capital. What made you interested in business and in becoming an angel investor?

I just know that the shelf life of this industry can possibly be short-lived, so my goal is to make as many smart investment decisions early on while I still have all these opportunities. The 10M dollar goal is obviously a big one, but I am hoping it’s enough to get a whole bunch of small businesses excited and up and running. I love working with people who are passionate about what they do and/or create. It gets me completely fired up. Some businesses have failed and some have prospered and it’s all part of learning and growing.

How will you choose the companies to invest in? Are there any specific criteria you are looking for?

I only invest in people or things that I am personally passionate about, that I know I can directly help grow or that I know can bring some good into the world somehow. So it’s not necessarily about just investing in crypto, waiting and hoping for a return. It’s about finding someone who has a huge dream that I have bought in completely and want to help them achieve their goals. 

You also launched ‘The Ritual’, a freshly formulated, plant based and cruelty free candle line with angel numbers, specifically designed to help people elevate their energy and manifest their dreams. Tell us more about why you decided on this and what is the inspiration behind it.

The idea behind ‘The Ritual’ started with my team. We start off each week writing down 5 things we are all grateful for and I was telling my audience about it and speaking on the subject on my Snapchat. I thought that there has to be a cool way to introduce a product or to have something that represents the purpose of that in everyone’s homes. And the reason why it’s called ‘The Ritual’ is with each candle, there is a manifestation card that you fill out and we wanted people to light their candles and have their spaces enveloped with that scent. It becomes a reminder of the things they are grateful for or gets them to focus on what they want to manifest. We use it as a physical representation of this. I have always wanted a product with purpose and for me, it starts here. 

Eventually, you’d like to provide cleansing rituals, guided meditations, retreats and everything in between. Why are all these things important for an individual?

The reason I focused on this is because it has most definitely helped me in my own life so much. I have really found an amazing community of people around me that enjoy and appreciate what it can do for them as well. I want to be able to help provide that for others and to directly and positively affect other people’s lives. 

What are your biggest goals and dreams for the future?

I would love to be in a movie with Kevin Hart, to pursue an acting career and other ventures that bring light into people’s lives. It’s hard to explain, but knowing that what I do can bring some laughter, some joy into someone else’s life, brings me that same joy back multiplied ten times over. That’s what I see someone like Kevin Hart does. 

What can you share with us about your upcoming, exciting endeavors that are coming up next for you?

We just finished filming the Celebrity edition of ‘Amazing Race Australia’, which will be out soon. This was such a life changing experience for me and I am excited to see it come out. It was for a great cause that I am passionate about, called ‘Beyond Blue‘,which centers around mental health and suicide prevention. 

I’m also excited to continue and expand on ‘The Ritual’s’ growth and I am also working on a skincare line that is near and dear to my heart. This is in the early stages and will definitely be sharing more about this in the near future. And of course, we are still talking about a few options in the TV/film space. My first movie role is still due to come out, hoping before the end of the year.

interview by JANA LETONJA @janaletonja

photography HUNTER MORENO