interview by MAREK BARTEK

Hadassah Tirosh is without a doubt a rising star to keep under the radar. She first made a name for herself by posting on TikTok, where now she caters to an audience of over 2.8 million followers. She is a passionate LGBTTTIQ+ rights activist, who has recently kickstarted her modeling career, bending the stereotypical norms of the industry.

Like many others, you’ve gained recognition with one of your videos going viral. What was your reason to start using TikTok?
It all started as fun. I was at my grandparents’ house celebrating Hanukkah and I decided to upload my first video on TikTok.

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Have you ever expected that it will take this turn and you’ll grow such an audience?
I can honestly tell you that I never imagined having what I have now. Everything has been a beautiful gift from God and the universe.

How do you approach blending the fun aspects of TikTok with more serious and impactful discussions, such as religion, gender identity, mental health and social causes?
The most important thing is to do it from the place of knowledge and respect. If I have the opportunity to be a voice in my generation, I have to do it with love, respect, empathy and be very informed about the topic that I want to communicate in my videos.


You’ve come out as pansexual non-binary. How did you experience this process of discovering who you are?
If I’m being honest, it has been a difficult path. But I have created my own world with freedom as the life motto. I almost lost the battle against depression on several occasions, for more than 7 years I took psychiatric medications for depression and anxiety. I have been off psychiatric medication for 3 months and I am discovering a new part of my life. I am terrified, but also excited about this new stage in my life. Life is full of surprises and now I decide to be here and resist. It is time to make peace with myself.

There sure have been quite a few bumps on the road, however, can you share a particularly rewarding or memorable experience in your journey so far?
When ‘Hadassah’ discovers ‘David’. It will be one of the best experiences I’ll have in my life. Without ‘Hadassah’ I would not be alive and worse, I would not be free.


As a model, how do you navigate breaking gender stereotypes in the fashion industry, and what challenges have you faced in doing so?
The fact of existing is a political and social resistance. I can say some obstacles that I have had in my career as a model, but the most important challenge, is to dominate my mind and improve every day as a model.

A big portion of your content is showing your unique fashion style. How do you use clothing and accessories to express your identity?
I can only say “Make sure you wear the clothes. Don’t let the clothes wear you”.

You’re a passionate advocate for LGBTTTIQ+ rights. Are there specific changes or improvements you would like to see in how society views and treats the LGBTTTIQ+ community?
To all the people who read this article, see the life of struggle and resistance of Jesús Ociel Baena Saucedo ‘Le magistrade’, a non-binary person, who defended the rights of LGBTTTIQ+ people to the death, as a society we need more empathy.


How do you see your platform evolving in the future? What other causes are you passionate about supporting?
I hope that my old and new followers always find a safe place on my platforms and everyone feels welcome. In 2024, I would love to be able to join more trans activists to give more visibility to our community.

You’re a model, activist, social media personality and the list goes on. What are your aspirations in terms of your career and personal growth?
In January 2024 I am going to New York to debut at Fashion Week and fulfill my dream of being an international model.

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